EarnViews: How To Make Your Dog Famous On TikTok?

Where have you been if you are not yet aware of TikTok? Since 2019, a new social media network has been making a lot of noise, combined with Musical, a well-known alternative app. TikTok has more than 900+ million active users globally as of August 2018 — more than Pinterest, Tumblr, and Snapchat combined. In addition, TikTok received more downloads in the Apple Store than social media juggernauts like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. TikTok was an excellent addition for dog lovers who had grown irritated with a few other apps’ algorithms and the incapacity to post photographs to a broader audience. On TikTok, the users could post TikTok videos and buy TikTok likes to make it seen by a bulk fanbase. 

  1. Locate Your Niche

Although it’s simple to say, it’s not necessarily simple to do. The secret to your achievement on TikTok may be identifying your niche. It can be indisputable cutest images of your dog. A dog might be acting strangely. In just 15 seconds, it can narrate a story about your dog. It can involve asking your followers questions regarding your dog or urging them to purchase a dog. There are countless opportunities. You’ll rapidly learn what appeals to your audience.

  1. Challenges

Honestly, We adore the challenges on TikTok. Similar to being highlighted on a popular dog profile like Dogs of Instagram and Instagram’s few best choices. It is, nonetheless, superior. Each day of the week, TikTok launches a new challenge. The challenge has a theme that directs you toward the kind of video you should make. Typically, there are plenty of challenges listed on their discovery page. The videos will be included in the highlighted videos if you place them in the final seven. Your videos will receive more views, likes, comments, and fans if you succeed.

  1. Popular Music And Noises

You can choose the music you like or audio that suits or works well for your content. Therefore, you can realize that employing the music and sound effects in the featured audio category is the best way to proceed over time. You’ve probably heard of songs like “Woah” and “Ride It” that has become popular online due to TikTok. Utilizing these noises will increase the likelihood that more viewers will see your clip as they search for videos that use the music, according to the app’s ranking of the most famous tunes on TikTok. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose accordingly. 

  1. Respond To Comments

Your chances of having your clip appear in the featured clips for the challenge can be improved through engagement. You’re more likely to occur on the #foryoupage if you respond to comments, particularly in the initial hour after uploading your video; we have found (more on this shortly). In addition to attempting to outwit the algorithm, you’ll discover that your fans adore getting responses from well-known accounts.

  1. For You Page

When you first sign up for TikTok and publish a video that begins to gain some attention, you’ll almost certainly get a comment that says “for your page.” When you first open the application, your homepage contains two networks: following and for you. For You page is the space where you can see a lot of highly appealing content. You can gain considerable traction by appearing on somebody’s For You page. You can also choose the help of EarnViews to garner more views globally. 

  1. Maintain A Sound Frequency Of Uploading Content

Though Instagram encourages you to submit images or videos whenever you like, most people would recommend posting once a day. TikTok is unique. Put aside worries that posting too frequently will cause you to lose followers. Typically, you can publish 3 to 4 times every day. You’ll notice that the videos perform far more quickly when you do this regularly. Of course, if you want to succeed in TikTok’s challenges, you might wish to create multiple videos.

  1. Check On Other Online Content

It’s essential to be original, but it can inspire you to create something new. More significantly, you could develop an understanding of future tendencies that might be difficult. 

  1. Look At The Hashtags

While TikTok hosts challenges with a particular hashtag, you should not stick to just one. You should utilize four to five separate hashtags, with #bestposts and possibly including hashtags for ongoing or previous challenges. You can also employ hashtags always in style, such as #petsonTikTok.

  1. Continue With 15 Seconds

We’ve dared to use a 60-second video in a few instances. But we’ve discovered that they typically fail. It is logical. TikTok’s popularity is primarily due to its short (15-second) videos instead of its longer segments. Our suggestion is to make it concise and to the point.

  1. Try All Special Effects

Viewers can choose from a variety of special effects on TikTok. When making online clips, these special effects may be a fun experience. In addition, a few of TikTok’s challenges could occasionally include special effects.


We believe the above insights would have helped you stay more knowledgeable about TikTok and how your pet-related content will work on it. So please do check out and keep us posted with your suggestions and ideas.


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