Effortless Tricks To Ensure Your Clothes Last Longer And Embrace Slow Fashion

The fast fashion trend has been spreading around the world like wildfire. However, just as fast food is bad for your health, fast fashion is bad for the planet’s health. The average lifespan of clothes has been steadily declining, resulting in more wastage and pollution from the fashion industry. 

However, one way you as an individual could make a difference here is by adopting slow fashion practices. Click here to better understand the slow fashion movement. Continue reading to learn more about tricks you can leverage to enhance the life of your clothes and embrace slow fashion for a sustainable future.   

Reduce The Frequency Of Washing Your Clothes

People often associate washing their clothes with hygiene and other similar practices. This is why they wash their clothes even when it is not dirty enough. This consequently has an adverse impact on the clothes resulting in them degrading faster. However, when you have a basket of clothes that are not dirty enough, you can simply hang them out or steam them. This will freshen up your clothes without you having to wash them and reduce their life. 

Never Ignore The Label

This is no secret that different materials demand different types of care and laundering. This makes it very important to check the label of every garment and follow the instructions. These instructions will tell you the ideal temperature for washing and drying your clothes. When you adhere to these instructions, it automatically aids in enhancing the life of your clothes. For instance, suppose you have a woolen sweater, then you will need to use a particular type of detergent to wash the sweater without hampering its softness. This can even mean washing the sweater with your hand to ensure a gentle washing. 

Bid Farewell To Dry Cleaning

With the busy lifestyle highly prevalent in almost every country worldwide, people now prefer choosing dry cleaning. This is primarily because of the convenience people enjoy with dry cleaning. However, this convenience comes at a cost as the chemicals used in dry cleaning can have some adverse impacts. This impact is not just limited to the environment but even to the condition of the fabric and your skin. Therefore, choosing the conventional way to wash your clothes is vital to make your clothes last longer for the sake of sustainable fashion. You can learn more about sustainable fashion for better understanding.      

Air Dry Your Clothes

Most people are unaware of this, but air-drying your clothes is a far better alternative than tumble drying. This applies both to your fabric as well as the environment. Tumble drying requires a lot of energy on the machine’s part, increasing your energy consumption and utility bills. However, opting for the conventional practice of shaking your clothes and hanging them out is far better. This saves you energy while ensuring your clothes last much longer.   

Final Thoughts

These are some of the easiest tricks or practices you can adopt to enhance the life of your clothes. Therefore, leverage these tricks and do all that in your capacity to boost sustainable fashion for a better future. You can even click here to learn more on the subject and adopt better practices.

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