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Office Ally Practice Mate EMR

Office Ally Practice Mate EMR is one of the most effective healthcare solutions in the market. It is a cloud-hosted system known for its patient engagement and medical billing services. Having been around for years, the vendor creates intuitive features by merging both patient-centric and clinician-centric approaches. Doing so puts forth innovative functionalities to retain its customer base and score more clients nationwide.

Services of Office Ally With The Costs

Practice Mate

It is a free practice management system that offers secured tools and services. It is an all-inclusive service that looks after an array of clinical tasks like appointment scheduling, claims creation, generating electronic superbills, patient statements, and more accounting capabilities. It is revealed in the demo of Office Ally Practice Mate that it reduces the workload of clinical administrators to a minimum with integrated services.

All the features and tools of this service can be accessed online without signing any long-time contract. The practice mate software package includes detailed summary reports, insurance eligibility checks, and many more features. In addition, it allows submitting claims to over 5000 payers for effective claims handling. Adding to all this, this healthcare software provides free customer support.


Practice Mate is free of cost, and this practice management solution supports clinical providers in the best way possible. There is no implementation fee. Also, the software comes with free training materials and videos. If you have any queries regarding how this service can guide you, avail of the live chat session with the vendor’s qualified services.

Patient Ally

Whether it’s a free solution or a costly one, having a patient portal is a must. Patient Ally is a perfectly compatible patent portal that works in sync with the practice management service. In addition, it is flawlessly paired with the EHR service to simplify the patient enrolling program by collecting information from the patient charts. Using this, you can send automated reminders to the patients.

Also, you can securely communicate with the patients by sending messages to and from the patients. There are options to view clinical summaries for each visit, and patients can even print them. In addition, patients can review lab results and vital sign reports, along with the patient’s history. Patients can easily view and manage their health records using this intuitive portal. There’s also a free sign-up opportunity for healthcare vouchers.


Patient Ally by Office Ally is also a free-cost service designed for patients’ convenience. This web-based portal offers compact services. For a free service, it is highly effective and reliable. Patients laud Patient Ally for it allows them to view records, communicate with physicians, and request refills, all for free.

EHR 24/7

What’s the essential purpose of EHR solutions? Relieving care professionals from hectic routines by automating and streamlining clinical workflow. That is why Office Ally believes there’s no need for drafting expensive packages to turn clinical finances upside down. With this belief, Office Ally offers an affordable EHR solution and provides its free demo too. Seeing the Office Ally demo, you will learn it is a comprehensive package, especially for small practices.

It enables you to document patient records and create clinical reports for value-based incentive programs. The top EHR systems 24’7 work in compliance with Meaningful Use and MIPS regulations to drive compelling insights. Besides, real-time reporting allows for ordering and receiving lab results and offers customizable SOAP notes. It also captures pay-for-performance monies and helps enhance communication among patients and physicians.


The price tag linked with this solution is $29.95 per month. This reveals this vendor is a budget-friendly solution for small practices and sole care providers. Also, this ONC-ACB certified service of Office Ally charges no setup and training cost. The vendor charges a flat monthly fee and offers the option to add eRx for no additional amount.

Intake Pro

Equipping your clinical practices with intuitive clinical technology is the first priority of Office Ally Practice Mate. Keeping this in mind, the vendor has created electronic intake technology named Intake Pro, replacing the traditional paper forms. This e-paper form technology aids administrative staff by allowing smooth digitized check-ins to run efficient and accurate clinical operations.

The entire intake process is run through the tablets, and the forms are directly populated into the Practice Mate EHR. For this, patients are given sync codes to fill the forms readily, and this information is even settled into the patient charts. Again, it eliminates the need for re-data entry, reducing the front desk staff’s workload. If needed, you can even customize the forms available on these easy-to-use hand-held tablets.


As for the cost, there is a small startup fee, but the service of this solution is free as long as you comply with the requirements. There is an agreement you need to comply with. And each tablet costs $1 and is given access if you meet the requirements highlighted in the Electronic Agreement Form. To utilize this free service, as mentioned in the contract, you have to check in all patients using this Intake Pro service of the device.

Reviews of Office Ally

It is essential to dive into Office Ally reviews, for it is a free healthcare solution. Unfortunately, its free pricing structure clouds the judgment of most care providers. And they skip this software as they think as the vendor is free, its services won’t be of the same capacity compared to those solutions that offer steep price structures. We understand your concern and know that you need to understand the true potential of the vendor.

So, this is what we came across while evaluating the reviews

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Reliability
  • Strong client base
  • Clearinghouse
  • Affordability
  • Interactive-interface
  • High-usability
  • IPAs health plans

These are the facts users pointed out about this solution. Al these characteristics are available in this cost-free solution. Office Ally reviews have also touched on the quality of its features. We recommend you schedule a demo with Office Ally to get an inside look. Also, we think you must read the Office Ally reviews to know salient facts. Both these things will help you understand the credibility of this clinical solution.


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