5 Important Reasons Why You Should Learn CPR

You will never know the importance of training CPR until someone collapses next to you. Many people would stare at the victim helplessly, unaware that they could help save their lives if they had CPR skills. Getting CPR certification is excellent; however, it is vital to consider a reputable CPR provider.

Additionally, it could be best if a significant percentage of the population trained the CPR skills and could administer them at the scene of an emergency. It will help save many lives that could otherwise be lost while waiting for paramedics to arrive. Check out these five reasons why you should learn CPR.

Cardiac Arrest Can Happen to Anyone

You cannot guess who can suffer cardiac arrest by just looking at people; as much as it is associated with age, gender, and heart disease, cardiac arrest can happen to anyone regardless of age. There are several CPR certification providers you can train with to get this essential life skill. However, it would be better to train with a reputable CPR certification provider like MyCPR NOW.

People who do not have a previous heart condition diagnosis can also suffer cardiac arrest, children included. If it happens, Survival chances will highly depend on how quickly they receive help; if there is no CPR-skilled person around, survival chances decline.

It Can Happen Any Time

Although some people may have signs and symptoms that suggest they might suffer cardiac arrests like shortness of breathing, chest pain, or faster heartbeats. Most people suffer sudden cardiac arrest characterized by sudden collapse, no pulse, no breathing, and lack of consciousness.

If many people are trained and certified to perform CPR, sudden cardiac arrest victims will not die. It will be like the whole society is full of paramedics helping each other as they wait for doctors to arrive. If that sounds good, get your CPR certification from an accredited CPR provider like MyCPR NOW it will help you take pleasure in saving lives.

Exponentially Increase the Chances of Survival

Cardiac arrests stop the heart from functioning, which means there is no circulation of oxygenated blood. Suppose one or few bystanders in a cardiac arrest emergency are CPR certified, and they perform CPR on the victim as quickly as possible. The victim might not die or suffer brain damage. The chances of survival will be higher with CPR than waiting for help which might take minutes.

No matter how necessary CPR certification is, most importantly is to have a willing heart to save a life even when you do not know the person. Most cardiac arrest victims die surrounded by CPR-certified persons, each waiting for the other one to be the one to help.

Each Minute Counts in Cardiac Arrest Emergency

Most CPR-certified people feel inadequate or fear taking the step to perform CPR on a victim. Understanding the essence of time in a cardiac arrest emergency is vital; the chances of survival decrease by ten percent each minute passing.

If you find yourself in a cardiac arrest emergency, do not hesitate to maximize the victim’s survival chances as much as you can. CPR buys the victim time needed to survive. Imagine a scenario where paramedics take ten minutes to arrive; this is already too late.

You Could Save Your Loved Ones

Cardiac arrest can occur anywhere and anytime, which means most cardiac arrests occur outside hospitals. Suppose a family member suffers cardiac arrest and you are the only one at home; it would be heartbreaking to watch someone you love die. Getting your CPR certification will help you save the life of the people you love.

CPR training is essential to everyone; it feels good to have confidence that if someone around you needs help, you can offer it. It is also satisfying to see someone who could have died living because you saved their lives.

Final Thought

Getting CPR skills is essential in all community setups, schools, homes, training centers, etc. It makes people confident that no harm can come to them if they are surrounded by people who can help them in an emergency.


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