5 Home and Lifestyle Remedies to Help Ease Your Metatarsalgia Pain

Nothing feels overly discomforting than experiencing constant pain on your foot as you move around. More specifically, if that pain emanates from your metatarsals, you’ll probably have to spend your day on the couch. This condition is among the most prevalent mobility issues in Singapore, raising concern for the health and wellbeing of the people.

While there are numerous medical procedures to treat metatarsalgia in Singapore, you can whoop in a quick remedy to ease the pain at home. Technically, sufficient rest, applying ice on the area, and using pads can help. Besides, other effective home remedies such as wearing proper shoes or arch supports can work wonders on the pain. Here are the lifestyle and home remedies to treat metatarsalgia in Singapore.

Using arch supports

Arch-supports provide extra balance and ease the pressure on aching metatarsals. It’s usually worse if you’ve put on considerable weight since there’s excessive pressure on the affected foot, which transfixes you to a single place. Strong arch supports, preferably the adjustable ones are the perfect fit to help you find your way around with ease without feeling much pain. However, you should follow it up with ideal treatments to feel better.

Wear proper shoes

Suppose you’re an active sports person or someone who puts on closed shoes almost entirely. In that case, you should choose shoes that you feel comfortable walking in. That won’t only protect you from metatarsalgia but also prevent it from recurring when you get better. If you’re already suffering from this condition, be sure to pick the ideal shoes. Don’t go for extraordinarily tight or loose shoes because that would interfere with your foot tendons and muscles, causing you pain. Also, please keep away from high-heeled shoes because they can aggravate the condition.


If the pain is extreme, you may have to break from constant movements, especially if they demand sharp turns and are lengthy. That can be typical for sports as they induce too much stress on your foot. If you’re compelled with the desire to stay fit, you should subscribe to low-impact exercises as you wait to feel better. If need be, try to elevate your affected foot after walking or standing over long periods.

Ice the affected area

Ice has a remediating effect on pain and is an ideal home treatment to make you feel better. It’s a standard remedy most sports people use to alleviate pain from knocks or bruises since they constrict blood vessels and reduce circulation in the affected area. Apply ice packs on your aching metatarsals for about 20 minutes several times a day to keep the pain away.

Take some pain reliever

While orthopedic surgeries can be helpful to eliminate the condition, it’d help to get a quick pain reliever to make you feel better. Although they usually work temporarily, they offer considerable reprieve to pain. You can get your ideal dose from over-the-counter stores at a cheaper price and follow the prescriber’s instructions for better pain relief. Most sought-after pain relievers include aspirin and Ibuprofen that also reduce inflammation.


If you’re searching for quick pain relief for metatarsalgia in Singapore, you can visit drug stores or get some over-the-counter drugs from anywhere in the country. Moreover, getting some rest, applying ice on your metatarsals, and using arch supports as you walk can offer you quick metatarsalgia pain relief.

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