An Insight on Block Games

Block games are a fun type of game that requires the player to stack blocks in different designs. The blocks come in different materials. These materials could be wood, plastic, and sponge. Block games are one of the few games that require physical interaction with the elements. Most games are played online or downloaded on gadgets.

The major objective of these games is to arrange them in different designs. This engages the player and makes the game even more enticing.

There are various ways in which you can play block games. In essence, these games do not come with specific rules to follow. The player has the liberty to decide what to create with the blocks. The only limit is your imagination!

How Can I Play Block Games?

As we said earlier, your creativity is the only limit to playing block games. With this in mind, let us look at some of the ways you can play block games.

  1. Construction Contests

The first means of playing these games is having a construction contest. This will require you to involve a partner. Arrange the blocks on the floor and set a timer. Decide on the construction you are going to create. Start the timer and construct. Once the time is up, stop constructing. The best construction earns points.

Adjustments to this contest can be made by the players.

  1. Creating Patterns and Dimensions

Another way of playing this game is creating various patterns and dimensional objects. For instance, you can decide to create a 4×4 three-dimensional cube. You should use the blocks to create this cube. Set a timer and determine how fast you can create the cube.

  1. Recreating Objects with The Blocks

The blocks can also be used to recreate objects. This requires the player to have an object already created. You should then bring the object down and try to recreate it. Points are awarded in terms of the percentage of similarity to the previous construction.

  1. Stability Contest

This is one of the most interesting ways of playing block games. The players are required to compete in stacking the blocks and preventing them from falling. You should place the blocks on top of each other in a stable way. The fun is derived from the unstable blocks falling or trying to sabotage the other player’s stack.

The highest and most stable stack is awarded points.


  1. Filling In Gaps with Blocks

The player can arrange the blocks in a given pattern while leaving gaps within the arrangement. Another player should try and fill in the gaps using the correct blocks. This game tests the speed at which a player is able to fill in gaps.

  1. Bowling with Blocks

This is a genius way of bowling, but with blocks. You are required to place the blocks in a way that is similar to bowls in a bowling alley. Use other blocks as the bowling ball and try to hit the target blocks.

What You Need to Know

Blocks in block games can be homemade. Use the available wood or foam to create blocks. Playing block games is incredible because you set the rules and decide on the mode of playing.


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