Facts About White Roof Coatings in New Orleans

You’ve undoubtedly heard that white roof coatings may be beneficial for your roof and your building as a whole. Although roof coatings are sometimes overlooked, they are really quite important for preserving your house and helping in energy savings. These facts may help you be ready to make a wise choice about whether or not it will be advantageous for you to put New Orleans white roof coatings

1. A white roof coating is a type of paint or coating that is applied to the roof of a building in order to reflect sunlight and heat away from the structure

Although the sun may feel warm on your skin, there is a good reason to use sunscreen if you plan to spend a lot of time outside. The ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is the cause. 

Your roofing materials deteriorate over time as a result of this radiation. Over time, it can jeopardize the integrity of your whole roof. It is much more probable that your roof will need to be replaced in the future if you don’t shield it from the sun. White roof coatings offer excellent protection against UV rays, extending the lifespan of your roof.

2. White roof coatings are usually made from a reflective material, such as titanium dioxide, that is mixed with a binder to form a thick paste.

White pigments like titanium dioxide (rutile) and transparent polymeric materials like acrylic are used to create white roof coatings, which are opaque and reflecting. Usually, these coatings reflect between 70 and 80 percent of solar radiation. 

Despite appearing white, these pigments effectively absorb roughly 5% of the sun’s energy that is emitted in the UV. Thus, the pigments aid in preventing UV deterioration of the polymer substance and the substrate underneath.

3. The paste is applied to the roof and allowed to dry, forming a white, reflective surface.

These coatings are applied in thicknesses up to around 1 mm, which is significantly higher than standard white paint thicknesses. The substrate needs to be suitable for the coating system and clean. 

A smooth substrate and enough pigment are required to attain the greatest reflectivity levels. With less pigment and fewer coatings, a substrate that is already light in color can be made highly reflective.

4. White roof coatings have been shown to reduce cooling costs in buildings by reflecting heat away from the structure

The heat that sunlight carries is absorbed into your structure as it strikes the surface of your roof. As a result of the building warming up, you will need to alter the temperature using the thermostat. In other words, maintaining the comfort of your building is actually made more challenging by its roof. 

By reflecting the majority of the heat from the sun away from your roof, a white roof coating can change all of this. You won’t need to use your air conditioner as frequently, saving you money each month. This not only translates to decreased utility costs, but it also means that your AC will last longer.

How effective are white roof coatings in reducing heat absorption?

White roof coatings don’t absorb much heat; instead, they reflect it away from the building. On a one-story building, a cool roof can save the energy required for air conditioning by up to 15%, resulting in significant energy bill savings. 

For many businesses and homes in New Orleans, energy utility costs can be very high. By employing a white roof coating, you can cure your roofing problems and reduce your biggest power bill at the same time.

How much cooler does a white roof stay compared to a black roof?

Black roofs are well recognized for their capacity to absorb a significant portion of the solar heat energy, which leads the roof surface to heat up tremendously. Normally, rubber or EPDM roofing is used to construct them. The majority of the heat radiation from the Sun is reflected by white roofs, cooling the surface.

Because they reflect less heat and let more of it into the house, black roofs are referred to as “warm roofs.” On a hot day, a black roof may be up to 100 degrees warmer than the air temperature, whereas a white roof may only be 20 degrees higher than the air temperature.

Save on Energy Bills with White Roof Coatings in New Orleans!

As you can see, installing a white roof coating on your house has a lot of advantages. Whichever type you decide on, you’ll certainly like its numerous benefits. A white roof coating in New Orleans is something to think about if you’re seeking a way to boost your home’s energy efficiency, prolong the lifespan of your roof, and save money.


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