Five Must-Know Tips for HVAC System Maintenance

A home is meant to be maintained and functional to offer you a better living experience. If there are some damages, especially the HVAC system, they might affect the working and will cost you more money for simple repairs. 

There is so much peace of mind and saving of money in the prevention of damages to the HVAC system. Taking preventative maintenance will help you to get better air conditioning throughout the seasons.

To explore how you can maintain the HVAC system, here are a few things that you can consider:

Clean the Condenser

Since the outdoors is set outside of the house, they get notably dirty, which makes the system work harder to ensure better conditioning inside the house. 

The simple effort you can make to keep it in good functioning by cleaning the condenser. This will reduce the chance of any internal damage. You can ensure there is no debris on the sides of your outdoor pumps.

To prevent any damages, you can consider an HVAC repair by a professional in case the outdoor unit is not working efficiently even after the cleaning.

Check the Filters

One of the most obvious reasons for damage in the HVAC is dirty filters. By not changing the filters, you can make your HVAC system work harder, which increases the energy cost.

What best you can do is to clean and replace the filter monthly or annually for better efficiency. It will reduce the cost of repairs and bills.

Regular Inspection

If you want to prevent any damage to the HVAC system of your home, it is crucial for you to consider a once in a year inspection of the HVAC system. You can hire a technician for residential HVAC repair and installation purposes to ensure the working of better conditioning in your home according to the season.

When hiring a technician, pay attention to the following task.

  1. Ensure the fan is working correctly 
  2. Clean the coils and change the air filters
  3. Check leaks in the heat exchanger 

Clean Drain Lines

Along with offering air conditioning to the house, the air conditioner takes out the moisture from the air. This moisture can accumulate in the drain lines. With dirt and dust, these drain lines can become clogged.

This can lead to the growth of mold and algae, which is serious to consider. That’s why it is effective to clean the drain lines from time to time to prevent any clogs. To clean, it is effective to use a clean piece of cloth or a mixture of water and vinegar (in case there is mold growth in the lines).

Get an AC Controller 

With smart technology, there are many ways to prevent any damage to the HCAV system of your house. You can make it more functional and efficient in simple ways. To start with, you can get a smart AC controller or thermostat to monitor and control the usage of an HVAC system.

It will allow you to make good use of HVAC and receive alerts every time the filter status needs any cleaning.


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