How Pure Muay online Thai training do you really understand?

I believe that many friends who practice Muay Thai have gone to Thailand in order to learn authentic Muay Thai. No matter if you are really a pure lover or you are fooled by MFT, finally everyone has a better understanding of Muay Thai initiative. So today, let’s talk about practicing Muay Thai in Thailand.

Walking on the streets of Thailand, especially when passing by various big and small boxing gyms, you can always see a slogan, “Train like a Thai, fight like a Thai”, have you seen it, practice Thai boxing practiced by Thai people, fight Thai people This is a slogan for fans from all over the world who come to Thailand to train. But for those who don’t have a deep understanding of Check rate Muaystep about mechanism of sports at UFABET site.

Muay  Thai and have practiced for many years, it may be a bit puzzling to think about this sentence after visiting the major boxing gyms in Thailand.

Moreover, the process of the Thai champions in the boxing gym is the same. No one runs a small stove, that is, shooting and kicking targets every day. It is not new at all. It is exactly the same as you, and they can’t learn anything every day. This is the reason for the puzzling, so what is the mystery of Muay Thai? How did these champions succeed? Is there really no shortcut, or is it called by a famous teacher, or suddenly enlightened?

Many fans, before they came into contact with the sport of มวยออนไลน์  Thai in the early years, there should be many basketball and football fans, many football and basketball superstars, when asked what the secret of their success is, the answer is that they train hard day after day, Have you ever seen Los Angeles at four in the morning? Labor and management have never been to Los Angeles, where can I meet him? No one can believe that. The training of these top teams is sometimes followed and reported by the TV station, and the interview is limited to ten minutes, saying that it is a targeted tactic for internal training, and then filming is prohibited. why? Speaking of training hard, day after day, no matter how hard you are as a single athlete, without the awesome tactical arrangement of the awesome coach, and without the mutual cooperation between your teammates, your team can win, and you can succeed individually.

So of course, in the Muay Thai project, if these Muay Thai stars can succeed, their coaches must have some special teaching methods or training secrets. Is there really something you haven’t seen and learned from these top gyms in Bangkok?

Most of these coaches have a low level of education and education, and have basically never attended school, so even fewer can speak foreign languages. They can only churn out a few English words, and communication with foreigners is not particularly smooth. In the process of holding the target, they said very little and did a lot. They simply guided the target for you, cooperated with a few slaps and slaps, and at most corrected your wrong kicks and punches. That’s all, every day is the same.

When you finish training and want to give more advice, “Coach, what should I do if my opponent attacks me like this during the game?”. When you are looking forward to this coach to give you a one-trick countermeasure, usually he will say, “up to you, can do everything”. This sentence is familiar to you. When you were training in a Muay Thai gym in China, your Thai teacher who knew a little Chinese also said the same thing, “Whatever you want, you can do anything” (the words should be extended three times).

As a Chinese, you will take it for granted that the few coaches you meet are unwilling to teach you, or you think that if you don’t buy his private lessons, he is too lazy to care about you. Of course Thai people are lazy, and so is Thai teaching, but when it comes to teaching boxing, you really misunderstand them. You bought his private lessons and they teach the same thing.

Think about it carefully, the coach who gave you the target, treated you and his champion boxer in the same way. After a few rounds of shooting, except for the cooperation of the shouting of Papa, most of the time there was no dialogue with the boxer. of. right?

The daily training of these boxers is a lot of repetition, shooting, kicking, fighting inside, and actual combat. A little different from your training is that the training of Thai boxers is done under high intensity and high frequency, and most of the time the rhythm is similar to the rhythm of the competition.

The boxer will seek breakthroughs in the daily repetition, which has little to do with who the coach is. Some star-level boxers have been the same target master for more than ten years, because he has become accustomed to this target master and has become like his family, but this target master is definitely not some magical coach with infinite wisdom. The success of a star-level boxer depends on his years of repeated training, as well as his own wisdom and understanding, which is wise to understand.


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