How to become a game animator and how much time it takes

It’s no secret that creating games is a very profitable business. But this is not such an easy process as it might seem at first glance. Today, there are a huge number of designers and programs that simplify the creation process for us, but we cannot do without special knowledge.

More and more developers want to specialize in in-game animation. This is most likely because it is one of the most interesting parts of game development, as it involves creativity. Despite this, it is now very difficult to find good and proven animators, so it is best to contact the game animation studio.

What is the job of an animator?

In simple words, a traditional animator, or “2D animator” is a visual artist whose main function is to draw each of the frames that make up the episodes and scenes of a feature film or animated series.

An animator is a versatile artist who perfectly understands the laws of motion and behavior of objects under the influence of these laws. That is, such a person needs to know and master the process of narration through images.

How to determine if you have the talent to be an animator?

While any animator can be a great artist, not every artist can be a good animator. This profession can be an exciting dream job or it can become a real nightmare when you are faced with delivery times, submission, constant criticism from superiors, and, in many cases, a restriction on your creative freedom.

If, in addition to your artistic talent, you are great at attention to detail, a perfectionist, and have a constant desire to learn day by day, you may be on the right track. However, in addition to talent, it is very important to have the skills necessary for this job.

What skills should every good animator have?

Of course, the most important thing is to be able to draw and have a taste for drawing (a lot, since you will be doing this day and night, sometimes most of the week). But it is also very important to have a good level of knowledge in anatomy, to understand the elementary laws of physics (to know how moving bodies behave), and to have great discipline and a very diligent attitude.

As in all work, it is very important to have three basic abilities: Talent, Calling, and Passion.

– Talent: this is the ability (innate or acquired) that you have to draw, especially the human figure. And your ability to represent or tell scenes through drawing.

– Vocation: This is the inclination or genuine interest that, as an artist, you should follow a career as an animator.

– Passion: The predominant and constant need you feel to express yourself through animation.

In addition to the above, it is important to have certain skills for an animator’s career and employment:


-Ability to work under pressure

-High sense of responsibility

-The very strong sense of teamwork

-Learn to follow the instructions to write

-Communication skills

– Resilience to criticism.

Thanks to this knowledge and skills, you will be able to become a good animator, and not only create unique works, but also get a good profit from it.

Definitely, without looking back, over the past ten years we have seen an increase in the number of animated productions for both film and television. In addition to the accelerated development of streaming services and their need for content, they add to the new and growing demand (and emergence) of animation studios.

Small start-up companies are starting to require the work of animators to develop their projects. Major international companies are launching programs and calling for new talent (or old talent that has yet to be discovered) to be accepted. And there are quite a few design or advertising agencies that have begun to demand the services of animators.

So yes, the career of an animator is becoming more and more in demand for those who feel a calling in this.

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