How to Fight Dry, Frizzy Hair in the Summer

Who is that in the mirror? It looks like you but with a big head of frizzy hair!

The frizz has gone too far and you need solutions to contain it now that summer is here.

How can you prevent your hair from frizzing up in the heat? How can you lock in moisture to keep your hair from drying out?

Keep reading to learn how to fight dry, frizzy hair this summer.

Brush Your Hair Less

If you have dry, frizzy hair, you’ll want to prevent stimulating frizz. To do this, you’ll need to brush your hair as little as possible. Every time you run a comb through your hair, the frizz is ready to come out.

Use Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

The best shampoo for frizzy hair depends on your hair type. No matter your type of hair, you’ll want something with extra moisture.

Amika products include different options for shampoo and conditioner for dry hair.

Keep in mind that you should strive to avoid over-washing your hair. Washing your hair too often causes more frizz than you had before.

Spread out your hair washes to allow the natural oils in your hair to do the work. This will help keep your hair moisturized for longer.

Rinse Hair With Cold Water

Even the best frizzy hair products work better when you rinse your hair with cold water. Coldwater closes the hair cuticle and blocks out future humidity.

For some, cold showers are a no-brainer. For others, a cold shower feels more like hell than a hot one.

Make the water as cold as you can handle to help prevent split ends and frizz. You can also wash your hair in the sink to avoid cold water on your body.

Try a Hair Mask

You can find home remedies for dry and frizzy hair that involve making your own DIY hair mask. You can also save yourself the trouble and find products you like from stores.

Apply a hair mask from roots to tips on dry strands. Leave it in for 15 minutes while in the shower.

If you are using a hair mask out of the shower, leave it on for an hour or sleep with it overnight. Once you rinse it out, you’ll find that you have softer and less frizzy hair that can handle the outdoor heat.

Wear Your Hair Up

If you don’t have time to deal with your dry, frizzy hair in the morning, wear your hair up! You don’t have to do a simple ponytail if you don’t want to.

Look at the bright side, having frizzy hair allows you to get more creative with the styles you choose.

Having your hair up in any manner will help keep your frizz under control. In the summer, you might prefer to wear your hair up anyway.

What to Do About Dry, Frizzy Hair

If you are tired of waking up to deal with dry, frizzy hair, don’t fret any longer. Take care of your dry head by brushing your hair less, using hydrating products, washing with cold water, and trying out a hair mask.

If worse comes to worst, you can try a new hairstyle to contain the frizz better. Over time, these tips will work to help you have stronger and less frizzy hair!

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