How to Find an Affordable Payroll Service for You: A Guide

Did you know that a quarter of all American employees have reported errors on their paychecks? It’s even more concerning that almost half of these employees began looking for a new job after noticing only two mistakes on their paychecks. Ensuring paychecks are accurate is crucial to employee retention if you’re a business owner.

This is why many business owners decide to outsource payroll to a payroll service company. With numerous options, finding the best affordable payroll service available can feel overwhelming. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can narrow that long list down.

Ready to learn how to find and choose the best payroll services in your area? Continue reading to learn the essential things to know.

Finding Payroll Companies in Your Area

Some payroll companies only work in specific locations, while others work nationally or globally. One of the best ways to find companies who work in your area is through a query on your favorite search engine. Type in either “payroll services near me” or “payroll services in [your location].”

This should provide you with a relatively comprehensive list of available options. Additionally, you can ask other business owners in your area who they use. You can create a list of all the companies you find as a starting point. An EOR Company can streamline the process of paying your employee’s thanks to their highly specialized software focus on these kinds of tasks.

Choosing the Best Affordable Payroll Service

Once you have your starting list, begin by searching online reviews. Many websites are dedicated to allowing previous clients to rate companies they’ve used. To get the most accurate understanding of their services, you should look on at least two review sites for each company on your list.

You should cross any payroll companies with less than a three-star average off your list. After all, payroll outsourcing is crucial, and you need the most reliable option.

Next, you may want to cross-reference any remaining companies with the Better Business Bureau. If there are numerous customer complaints or more than a handful of unsolved issues, cross the company off.

Of those payroll companies still on your list, check out their websites for quotes. You’ll likely have to call or email each company individually to get a quote for your specific needs. Choosing an affordable company from your best options ensures you aren’t being overcharged, which could negatively affect your bottom line.

What if There’s More Than One Company Left?

You may have two or more payroll company options left on your list that provide similar quotes. If this is the case, consider choosing the company with the most experience.

You can usually find out how long a company has been in business on its website. However, if the information isn’t available, you may have to call and ask.

Want To Learn More About Payroll Services?

Using a reliable, affordable payroll service is crucial to employee retention. You can use the information above to find and choose the best service in your area.

Do you want to learn more about payroll services?

Feel free to browse our other blogs. You’ll find information on payroll services and other essential business tasks to help you learn more on the topic.


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