How to open your mailbox when you lost the key

Many people suffer from amnesia. Sometimes when they go out, they often forget to bring all their belongings. Many people even forget to bring their keys. They only remember that the door keys are still at home when they come back when they have to open the door. They took it when they went out, but accidentally lost it outside. Today, we are going to talk about what you can do when you lost your Mailbox Key.

How safe is the mailbox lock?

Mailbox locks range in security from low to false security. Due to the inherent insecurity of mailboxes, high-security locks are rarely worthwhile. Most mailbox locks can be opened by beginners if they own some Lock Picking Tools, or forced open with basic destructive entry policies. In most cases, mailboxes can be opened by picking attacks that completely ignore the lock.

How to open the mailbox?

Method One: Lock Picking Tools

A lock picking tool is a tool specially designed for unlocking. They contain levers and pickaxes of different sizes. You can choose according to the size of your lock. You can buy lockpicks online or at a hardware store near your home. If you don’t have a lockpicking tool, you’ll need to use bobby pins to create your own lockpicking bar and lockpicking tool. When choosing a bobby pin, it has to be strong enough so that it won’t snap when you force it into the lock. If there is a rubber cap on it, you must first remove the rubber cap with pliers.

Get a New Mailbox Key

You can replace the key on the mailbox in your private residence by contacting the manufacturer and providing them with your mailbox item number. Be prepared to provide proof of purchase to prove that you own the mailbox. The manufacturer will then mail you a replacement key — which costs $7 or more — which can take a few days.

Use a screwdriver

Remove the locking CAM at the rear of the lock using a screwdriver. If you want to know what the CAM looks like, note the dense “S” shaped metal of the bolt mechanism that acts as the lock when the key is turned.

Paper Clip

Take a paper clip and straighten it out. Then make a slightly upward curve at the end of it. Insert the wrench into the lower part of the lock hole — the side facing the tooth of the key. To find out how to open the lock, turn the wrench clockwise and counterclockwise. You can feel which way to turn. Holding the wrench in the right place, apply gentle force to turn the lock in the right direction. Holding the wrench in the right place, apply gentle force to turn the lock in the right direction. Run the paper clip around the lock until you feel the marbles inside. Apply more and more pressure with a wrench. Each time you touch the bolt, shake the Crowlock pin until it opens. When you hear the click, remember to turn the wrench to open the lock.

But opening the lock with just a paper clip is difficult, if not an expert task. In addition to unlock tool, want to learn the lock, for some of the commonly used locks preparation is also very necessary, because in general family use lock type are the same, the lock this line open mainly is the type of lock, so you should prepare some related locks in advance, used for practice use. In this situation, you are recommended to Buy Lock Pick at and learn some lock picking skills!


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