How You Can Keep Track of Employee Time and Attendance

A lot of employees right now would only like to work for companies that will take good care of them. If they feel like their companies are taking them for granted, there is a chance that they would try to look for work elsewhere.

Companies do not want this. They want to hold on to their employees especially those who provide value to the company. This is why they would like their employees to become more transparent. They would like their employees to see their performance. By doing this, employees can become more motivated to work. At the same time, they can track the things that they are doing better.

Some Ways to Track Employee Time and Attendance

Time tracking should be done not only to check if your employees are working properly. It is also your chance to check if your employees are safe especially if they are working remotely. There are some unsafe ways to track time and attendance. For example, using a punch card now is not ideal anymore. Some employees have confessed to doing “buddy punching” which means that they would punch the time card of their “buddy” even if they are not there yet. This will be unfair to you.

Knowing that there are unreliable ways to track your employees’ time and attendance, you need to be familiar with those that you can use now.

  1. Use time and attendance software.

The good thing about technology is it has opened a lot of things for your employees’ attendance and scheduling needs. An attendance tracking software is going to be accurate plus it is easy to use.

  • Some appscan be downloaded on people’s phones and laptops so that they can properly time in and time out.
  • You will be able to see real-time attendance with the use of the app. You can also track the schedules of all employees.
  • If there are some time-off requests and shift wraps, you can approve them easily.
  1. GPS location tracking mixed in with Geofencing technology

You may want to track your employees when they are working in the field. Some may say that they are still there but they are already doing other things. Knowing their GPS location mixed in with Geofencing technology will let you know exactly where your employees are. You can monitor the different areas where your employees should be.

The best thing about this is you do not have to worry anymore about editing the different timesheets. The details will be immediately available and most of them cannot be tampered with. There is no need to worry that employees are lying about their whereabouts.

  1. Printable timesheet tables may work.

People do not need to place their time-in and time-out by hand anymore. Rather, there is a machine that will track this for them. All they have to do is to print it out and have it signed by their superior. It is best to have a more detailed printable timesheet that will include the following details:

  • Overtime hours
  • Breaks
  • Time-off

The more that you know the details, the easier it will be for you to determine how much the employee’s basic pay is. You can then add all of the right details so that you can compute how much you owe that employee for that cut-off.

Create the Right Attendance Policy

You want your employees to go to work on time. You want them to be available when you need them to be at work. You need to be clear about the attendance policy so that this will not be used against you when you are trying to compute for your employees’ wages:

  • When you would expect the employees to be at work.
  • How many times in a week do you want your employees to be in the office?
  • How many times in a week can the employees work remotely?
  • How workers will be able to request time off
  • How workers will know how many paid leaves they still have
  • What workers are going to expect if in case their requests are not granted
  • How workers will be able to get their attendance approved before they would get their payroll

The HR department will be in charge of providing all of these details to employees. This is why it is important to create an attendance policy that is written in simple terms. It has to be clear enough so that people will understand what they have to do to adhere to the company’s policies.


There are different ways to track the time and attendance of your employees. You must choose the most appropriate one for your company’s needs. Always communicate with your employees. This way, if they have some questions, you can answer their inquiries immediately. Clear communication also means that you will have lesser issues in the long run.


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