Incredible Features of the Salesforce Testing Platform by Opkey

Oracle Cloud and Salesforce serve as the most sought-after solutions for businesses. These can help deliver agile policies for overall business processes and improve business operations. However, adopting the same by a business organization requires understanding various aspects. Moreover, continuous updates necessitate the need for proper testing that helps in their hassle-free adoption. Therefore, the availability of a certified automation Salesforce testing platform is a necessity.

Salesforce automation testing is a reliable solution enabling businesses to adopt Salesforce cloud solutions fully. The automation testing platform can easily process and analyse the metadata and deliver testing scripts for automated testing. There are various features and benefits of certified Salesforce testing solutions as mentioned below that can help businesses immensely.

Fast Salesforce Adoption And Testing:

The Salesforce testing solutions comprise all the necessary testing scripts that are required for model-based testing. The testing scripts can easily identify and therefore test the various inbuilt models of a cloud-based solution and help businesses in adopting the same without any kind of inconvenience to the normal business operations. The overall process of testing can be completed in a matter of minutes. Optimal test coverage and faster testing through an artificial intelligence-based solution are made possible through the Salesforce testing platform.

Automated Creation Of Missing Test Cases:

The solution can easily identify the missing test cases required for in-depth testing and analysis of a Salesforce cloud platform. The testing scripts can be easily created upon identifying the gaps between the test coverage and therefore develop dedicated test combinations for the same.

Generation of Customized Reports:

The testing platform can even help create customized testing reports that organizations can use to identify the overall test coverage. The testing scripts, gaps in the same, and the process of successful adoption of the Salesforce cloud platform can easily be identified through the reports created. This helps reduce the time, cost, and effort required in Salesforce testing and adoption. An impact analysis report can also be generated for the benefit of an organization.

End-to-end automation:

The testing platform helps in completely automating the process of identifying various testing scripts. The overall process of identifying testing scripts, adopting the Salesforce cloud platform, and other processes can be carried out across all the applications and technology automatically through an artificial intelligence-based solution.

No Code Testing:

An automated no-code testing platform is available that can easily carry out risk-based testing. The solution can help with automated testing and impact analysis and help with certification of business processes and functionalities with complete speed and at the lowest cost possible.

serves as the best company that provides a dedicated Salesforce testing platform that business organizations can opt for. The organization helps deliver the best testing solutions to easily identify updates and testing scripts. Better speed, mitigation, and overall risk coverage can be made possible by adopting the company’s solutions. The company delivers a reliable and resilient test automation solution beneficial for every organization.

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