Is Studying Digital Marketing And Social Media Combination Worth It?

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses many types of marketing activities conducted on digital platforms to promote products and services. The online platforms include social media, email, multimedia, content marketing, etc. Out of the many available options, the most widely used platform for digital marketing is social media. A vast population is using social media, who are potential customers for the brand and companies. Hence a digital marketing professional who holds expertise in using social media can become a valuable asset for various businesses.

Top-grade Candian institutes offer tailor-made courses that uniquely combine the study of digital marketing and social media to provide you with an edge. This newly created program focuses on developing an in-depth understanding of the topics, including search engine optimization(SEO), analytics and data-driven decision making, online advertising and publicity, and content development such as management and social media strategy. Pursuing a course in digital marketing and social media is worth investing your valuable time and effort.

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Digital Marketing and social media: Course overview

The duration of this program is around 8 months which is divided into 2 terms. In the first term, the students can learn to analyze the clients’ needs and develop the appropriate strategies of market planning and marketing fundamentals. The emphasis, of course, in this terms remains on developing a comprehensive idea of using social media to conduct digital marketing. Here are the modules of the term 1 course:

  • Digital Marketing Concepts
  • Communication Plan
  • Advertising and Multimedia Content
  • Public Relations and Social Media

In the second term, the students learn to adapt online content to meet the brand changes and launch new products and services. The students can develop a comprehensive understanding to assist the clients in identifying new opportunities to thrive in the modern business industry. The course curriculum of this term comprises of the following topics:

  • Business Development
  • Digital Advertising Campaigns
  • Promotion Strategies and Web Analytics
  • Content Adaptation and Integration

Program Outcomes

When you opt to pursue a course in digital marketing and social media, you will be encouraged to develop certain skills and competencies to maximize your potential as a professional. We’ve listed a set of skills and competencies that you will possess as a graduate of this course:

  • Ability to develop online public relations campaigns with greater emphasis on using social media platforms
  • To identify new business opportunities
  • Competency to efficiently manage the social media platforms for clients to increase their engagement and stimulate business
  • You become efficient in planning, executing, and analyzing digital advertising campaigns

Career progressions of a graduate in digital marketing social media program

Today, having an online presence has become an absolute necessity, increasing the demand for professionals who can manage the crucial aspect of advertising. An individual with a degree in this domain can demonstrate their skills and competencies while performing in the professional work setting. Thus, there are many job positions available for these graduates across a range of sectors. Here are some of the job positions for digital marketing and social media graduates:

  • Digital Strategy Consultant
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Marketing Director
  • Online Public Relations Officer
  • Digital Advertising specialist
  • Social Media Manager


The demand for expert professionals in the digital marketing industry doesn’t seem to fall in the near future. Hence, having a future-proof degree can secure your future and fuel your career progression. Hone the skills and knowledge relevant to the modern industry and become the first preference of the recruiters. Sign in now to enroll yourself in the course and start your journey towards success!


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