Know steps to build a chord using two or more orthogonal circles

The mathematical geometry field is very vast and contains many modules based on shapes. Thus, you must know that there are orthogonal circles also in this mathematical field. If you don’t know what orthogonal circles are, this is the right post to get more information about the same and we will also be discussing how to draw a chord using two or more orthogonal circles

To gain more insights about what is the chord of a circle and how you can draw the same using orthogonal circles, here is the right guide to refer. Keep reading the post and educate yourself with a vital part of the geometry.

What are orthogonal circles?

To begin with, we would like to highlight some information related to the orthogonal circle. These circles are orthogonal curves in which they intersect two circles forming a right angle or the 90 degree. With the help of Pythagoras theorem, two circles’ radius with their centers apart at some distance are orthogonal if


In this formula, r1 and r2 are two radii of circles with their centre’s distance d.

To know more about them, we request you to refer to online study materials or your school textbooks. 

Chord of Circle: Explained

The chord of a circle or the line segment that touches the circumference point of a circle is called the chord of a circle. You should keep a note that the diameter is the longest chord of a circle from which the center of a circle can also be derived or calculated. After all, the diameter crosses the midpoint of a circle that helps in calculating the value of the radius of a circle as well. 

How to Draw a Chord of A Circle? 

You only have to draw the line using a ruler in a circle. But remember that both ending points of line should touch with the circumference of a circle point. If it is unable to happen, you will not meet the end outcome. 

Chord of a Circle: What Are Its Properties?

There are few essential properties that depict the chord of a circle. Give a quick look and 

  • If you draw a chord that is equal distance from the circle’s center, all their length will be equal. Or you can say they will be radius. 
  • If your chord is drawn perpendicular to the circle center, it will bisect the chord. 
  • One and the only circle will be there that will pass through three collinear points. 
  • After drawing the chord of a circle, it divides the shape into two different segments. You can call them a major segment and minor segment. 
  • You can extend the chord of the circle to an infinite extent. There is no limitation if you have enough space.

How to draw a chord using orthogonal circles?

First, draw two circles using the compass and ensure that both of them are intersecting. If you have gone through Venn diagrams, follow that drawing pattern. However, there should be accuracy while drawing chords.

You have the freedom to choose any radius you want. Pair both circles and they will be intersecting at 90 degrees. 

For further steps, you have online guides and animated lectures about briefing your steps clearly. With that, we make the right conclusion and end this post.


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