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The charm of cricket in India is so powerful that it has left no home untouched. From bustling cities to remote villages, cricket has woven itself into the fabric of Indian society. Cricket has evolved from a sport with spectators to a sport that now has virtual team managers. You’re right if you think we’re talking about online fantasy cricket!

The introduction of fantasy cricket has altered how fans interact with their beloved sport. The ability to have authority over a team of your own is only something that fantasy sports platforms provide. While it may be tempting to get indulged in any fantasy cricket league for fun, it’s important to enter only when you’re familiar with the rules of the match. Fantasy tournaments have rules of their own, just like actual cricket tournaments.

Here are the rules of actual cricket tournaments.

  1. Each team has 11 players, which includes the captain and the wicketkeeper.
  2. The bowlers and batters take turns to serve their roles.
  3. A bowler delivers 6 balls to a batter. That’s called an over.
  4. Each batter plays until they get dismissed. A batter can get dismissed for various reasons, including getting caught, stumped, run out or leg before wicket.
  5. There are two batters on the field at any point of the match, with one batsman hitting the ball served.
  6. There are several ways the batters can score runs. They can do it by running between the wickets or directly hitting a 4 or a 6.
  7. The fielding team and bowlers have the responsibility of getting the batsman dismissed.
  8. There are umpires in the match who officiate and confirm the results of any dismissal or scoring a run.

Fantasy matches are played in conjunction with the actual tournaments, but their rules slightly differ from the real tournament. However, it’s important to note that regulations can be different depending on the league or tournament you’re playing.

  1. The number of players in a fantasy tournament differs depending on the league being played within the point or budget system.
  2. A fantasy cricket player can choose any cricketer playing in the tournament until they abide by the rules of player selection. Sometimes, a fantasy cricket player can only select a limited number of players from a particular team.
  3. If you’re leading a team, you must appoint a captain and a vice-captain who would score points differently.
  4. Point systems differ based on the league being played and the platform hosting the fantasy tournament. Generally, points are scored by a player every time they score runs, run-outs, take wickets, etc.
  5. You can transfer your players depending on the format and platform where you’re playing your fantasy league. In other words, you may replace underperforming players with others.

The above-mentioned rules may differ from platform to platform, so always check the terms before entering any fantasy league.

A question that might be coming up in your mind must be if there are any similarities between fantasy cricket leagues and actual tournaments. The answer is a bold yes.

Fair play is one such aspect that stays universal no matter which type of cricket tournament is being played. Team spirit, sportsmanship and integrity are keystones that are supposed to be in every player. Any instances of manipulation, foul play or cheating can lead to disqualification. It applies to players playing a match on the field and those playing through their screens.

How can a person win a fantasy league?

While the fun and intrigue lie in the unpredictable nature of the fantasy league, there are several ways a person can maximize their enjoyment by learning some tricks that increase their chances of winning the tournament.

1. Choose the captains and vice captains consciously: Points scored by captains and vice captains are in multiples, so it’s important to make the selection with a lot of thought. Rather than choosing your favorites, select captains and vice captains based on their past performance trends.

2. Make a well-balanced team: include a fair number of players specializing in a certain aspect of cricket. Ensure your team doesn’t consist of only bowlers, batters, fielders or wicketkeepers. There should be a balance of everything.

The Bottom Line:

Fantasy cricket leagues are only getting popular in conjunction with the pace of time. While it has been attracting many players to several fantasy cricket platforms, before stepping into any league, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the actual tournament and fantasy league rules.


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