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Are you stuck with your exams and not able to study efficiently? Do you feel tired and exhausted whenever you open your books? Do you constantly choose mobile phones or other entertainment than study materials? You are not alone. Best Career Counselling in India states that this feeling is entirely normal. All you need is motivation to study and a push to perform better and well. When you open your book a day before your exams, you might feel lost. So it is significant to start your preparations before a month to avoid unnecessary panic. In this blog, you will be reading about the tips to overcome demotivation and what causes it.

What are the causes of demotivation?

It is easy for a student to get demotivated and distracted by other things than studies. Poor management, vague goals, overwhelming feeling, etc., can cause demotivation in students. Here are some other reasons that can take you off the track.

  • Lack of interest- Sometimes you do not want to study because you are not interested in many subjects. The core subjects bore you, and you feel disconnected from everything. Lack of interest can make you detach yourselves even from your favourite hobbies. To get back your focus, you need to find your passion in something else. Hold yourself all together, and at some point, you will be able to focus on what you are doing.


  • Spending time with books all the time!- If you are studying all the time without giving any breaks, you will feel exhausted and hate your studies. Some people start early in the morning and study till night, taking breaks only for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That is not how our brains work. There should be a balance between study time and personal time. It is crucial to have your ‘me time’, even when you are occupied with something.


  • Practising different studying styles- You have to be consistent with what you are doing. If you study for like two days straight and then don’t mind looking at your books for like four days, it is no use. Best Career Counselling in Kolkata states that each person follows different learning styles, and it is essential to choose the one suitable for you. One might be a morning person, and one might be a night person. Completion of portion depends upon each individual, their capacity and their interest.


  • Fear of failure- Students get motivated easily by thinking of the results. They constantly worry about their results, and so in that anxiety, they fail to study hard. They do not prepare well and end up in a pathetic position. Also, they compare themselves with others, which makes them even more scared. Fear, anxiety, and insecurity are dangerous weapons acting as a barrier for students to succeed.


Tips to motivate yourself to study

Motivation starts with oneself. Though others can motivate and encourage you to do something, you should decide what to do and start immediately. Here are some tips for you to eliminate demotivation and study better.

  1. Set a study Schedule- The first and foremost thing is to build a study timetable. Organisation skills are much needed, and if you pre-plan what you are going to do for the day, it will be very easy for you and your parents and friends. All you need to do is, plan a schedule balancing both family and personal time.


  1. Take regular breaks- If you study all day, you will feel demotivated. The thing is, you will be not interested in opening your book the next day. Hence it is crucial to take regular breaks in between. If you plan to study from morning to night, you should take a break every two hours for five to fifteen minutes. Best Career Counselling in India states that taking a break relaxes your mind and makes you happy to provide the energy to study further. You can listen to some music or do some drawing in the break time.


  1. Exercise- It is necessary to stretch once in a while. Move your body. Do some yoga or exercise. It is significant in refreshing your mind and body. Your brain will feel fresh after doing yoga and exercising. It will help in releasing endorphins, which results in improved concentration levels.


  1. Avoid multitasking- It is essential to focus on one thing at a time. If you are studying maths, it is better to concentrate on the problems and formulas rather than jumping to learn some poems in English. If you have other works, it is better to complete all of them before sitting to study. If you multitask, you will be unable to focus entirely, and everything will be left undone. Avoid multitasking and begin to target one thing, for you will be surprised to see things falling in place.


  1. Set small goals- If you plan to study some subject for a day, set small targets. You should be able to finish it and remember it for the next few days. If you set unrealistic goals, you will be not able to complete them. Even if you finish it, it won’t be in your mind for a long time. This is what happens when you start studying a day before your final exams. Attempting to read large portions will confuse you, and you will write wrong answers on the tests.


  1. Keep your phone away- If you plan to study, it is better to keep your mobile off. When you start using mobile, you will not know how time flies. Social media is a big distraction, and it will divert you totally on a different track. It is crucial to stay away from your phone when you have something to study or any work to do. Instagram and YouTube can give you nothing but low grades and demotivation. So it is preferred not to use any digital gadgets while studying.


  1. Choose your study spot for the day- It is essential to pick your study spot. Career Counselling in Kolkata states that for some students, there will be a particular spot where you can sit and study for a long time. The place shouldn’t be noisy and have much disturbance. You should be able to concentrate and focus on what you are doing. Only if you are comfortable and the ambience is appealing, you can study well.


  1. Communicate- We all need help. It is best to communicate with your friends, parents, and teachers about how you are feeling. Sometimes, other people can help us figure out what we are going through and might be able to help us. Mentors and parents will be able to give us alternate options and solutions for the issues being faced by us.


  1. Reward yourself after completing the task- We all deserve rewards. If you are keeping targets, do gift yourself after completing them. If you finish your goal on time or before time, reward yourself with an extra break-time or some favourite food of yours or some music and dance time.


  1. Just get started- You can find motivation everywhere. But at the end of the day, the ball is in your court. You must motivate yourself to study. If you are not interested or don’t feel motivated to try things, you will be not able to push yourself to learn better. You must start immediately and go for it because there are no better motivators than you for yourself.


Given tips and strategies are only a few out of the ocean. Best Career Counselling in India states that you have to try these tips and choose what works out. Some methods work for a few, and some might not. So it is better to analyse before concluding.

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