Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration

Professional database administrators recognize both PostgreSQL and Oracle as one of the database management systems that are integrated with functional tools and features. However, these DBMS packages have slight differences. For Oracle, there is a high cost of ownership and stringent licensing terms. But PostgreSQL is a more liberal, open source version that bears similitude with MIT and BSD.

Every database migration follows a certain path depending on the pair involve. For Oracle to PostgreSQL migration, the sequence is thus:

  • Data definition language (DDL) statements is the form in which Oracle table definitions are exported.
  • These statements are converted into specific PostgreSQL format. Also, Oracle embedded functions which are not compatible with the database are substituted and thus may include correct type mapping which nay not be supported in PostgreSQL
  • A target PostgreSQL database receives imported table definitions that are generated from previous step
  • Using CSV format, store exported Oracle data from the database source. This is stored in an intermediate storage.
  • The compliance of data with PostgreSQL format is important as it provides binary data transformation. Others are dates and the frequent requirement for escaping special symbols in text fields.
  • In the target database, import the resulting CSV files
  • In form of SQL statements and source codes; oracle view, stored procedures and triggers are exported.
  • According to destination format, these statements and source codes are transformed
  • With the PostgreSQL database at the receiving end, import files.

Oracle to PostgreSQL migration is not an easy task that is proved by the steps specified above. This tedious manual procedure is time consuming and prone to errors. Moreover, the human factor facilitates corruption or loss of data. Interestingly, there are special softwares that can ease the tedious task and minimise errors to the least possible.

Intelligent converters has created a software conversion tool for the automation of the Oracle to PostgreSQL migration process. The expertise and professionlism of this company places the conversion tool as a functional and trustworthy one.

Features of the product:

  • The software has the ability to convert certain database objects.  These are foreign keys, table definitions, indexes, data, and constraints.
  • Certain techniques such as bulk insert and direct connection are implemented by the converter. This facilitates the database conversion process’ high performance module.
  • Different variations of the database management systems are supported. This also includes “software as a service” (SAAS) feature.
  • There is provision for command line support for the purpose of automation of the Oracle to PostgreSQL converter.
  • Synchronization of preexisting PostgreSQL database with the target Oracle data.
  • All the conversion settings are stored within a single profile.

SELECT Queries are also present for data filtration purposes. This use of the Oracle to PostgreSQ converters shows their flexibility and functionality. In addition, columns and records that are to be converted can be selected before conversion to the desired PostgreSQL format. Some examples are;

  • Filtration of records
  • Selection and renaming certain columns
  • Skipping Null values
  • Merging of two tables

The warranty that comes with the Oracle to PostgreSQL migration tool is one-year support for subscription and limitless support. This is one of the advantages of all products of Intelligent Converters.


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