Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement: How To Decide

Is there something wrong with your roof right now? If there is, repairing it will usually be your most cost-effective option.

On average, roof repair will only cost you a few hundred dollars. Roof replacement, meanwhile, can cost, well, a whole lot more than that! In most cases, it’ll run you well over $10,000.Try out this online calculator to help you estimate how much it will cost to replace your roof.

That being said, there are some instances in which it’ll make sense to replace your roof rather than fixing your roof. It’s why you should always have the roof repair vs. roof replacement debate in your head before making any decisions.

Today, we’re going to help you figure out what to do with your damaged roof by walking you through several factors to consider before repairing or replacing a roof. Make sure you think about these things prior to doing anything with your roof.

The Age of Your Roof

Is your home’s roof still on the newer side? If it’s only been in place for a decade or so, it should still have plenty of life left in it.

Generally speaking, most roofs will last for between 20 to 30 years before you’ll need to worry about roof replacement. And you might be able to get even more life out of a roof if you have a tile roof or a metal roof.

With this in mind, you should go ahead and schedule a roof repair for a roof that isn’t all that old. It’ll be worth it in the long run, even if the roof repair is on the pricier side.

But if, on the other hand, your roof is clearly on its last legs, you might not want to tackle a roof repair right now. You could be better off replacing your old roof with a new one.

Even if your roof only needs a minor repair made to it, you shouldn’t continue to dump money into it. It won’t make much financial sense in the end.

The Issues With Your Roof

Do you have a small problem with your roof that can be fixed within a matter of just minutes? If you do, that should be reason enough to do a roof repair vs. a roof replacement.

For example, if you’re missing a few shingles on your roof, replacing them should be a breeze. You can have professional roofers from a roofing company like Proformance Roofers step in and help you out.

But if you have a more major roofing issue on your hands, it’ll be a much different story. You might not want to spend a small fortune to pay to fix a roof that is rotting from the inside out and causing leaks in the process.

In this case, a roof replacement might be just what the doctor ordered. You can restore the integrity of your old roof by putting a new one in its place.

The Appearance of Your Roof

Is your roof hurting your home’s curb appeal at the moment? If it isn’t, you might be able to get away with doing roof repair as opposed to roof replacement.

Most roofs that aren’t at the end of their expected lifespan will still look OK. There is nothing wrong with keeping a roof like this around for a little while longer.

However, if your roof is on the older side, it might look worse for wear. No amount of fixing your roof is going to make it look new again.

Your best bet in this situation will be to replace your roof. It’ll be the only surefire way for you to restore the appearance of your roof and improve your curb appeal.

The Effect Your Roof Is Having on Your Home

Are you finding that your roof problems are affecting your house as a whole? Maybe it’s allowing water to trickle into your home. Or worse, maybe it’s completely exposed your home to the elements by caving in.

If you ever find yourself in either one of these scenarios, repairing your roof is just not going to get the job done. You’ll be putting parts of your house at risk by trying to put a band-aid on what is a very serious issue.

At the same time, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about replacing a roof that isn’t taking a toll on the rest of your home. As long as it hasn’t sprung a leak, you can continue to use it after having repairs made to it.

The Cost of Roof Repair Vs. Roof Replacement

At the end of the day, you should always try to compare the cost of roof repair versus the cost of roof replacement before picking one option over the other. It’ll be important for you to give some serious thought to the quotes you get for these two roofing services.

The cost of roof repair is obviously going to come in lower than the cost of roof replacement. But “How much lower?” is going to be the question.

If these two costs aren’t all that far apart, trying to do a roof repair as opposed to a roof replacement wouldn’t be all that smart. But it’ll be up to you to decide what you’re willing to spend on one option or the other.

So, Should You Do Roof Repair or Roof Replacement?

Both a roof repair and a roof replacement can work to make your home’s roof strong again. But since they’ll come in at two totally different price points, you should carefully consider each option before selecting one.

Keep all of the factors that we’ve discussed here in the back of your mind as you seek to make a final decision. They should lead you down the right path when everything is all said and done.

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