Ten Foods To Help Your Child Grow Taller and Stronger

Of course, your height largely depends on your genes; getting adequate nutrients from your diet does play a vital role in ensuring proper growth and development. Of course, you cannot grow taller once you have reached a certain height, but there are a few foods, which can help maintain your height by keeping your body, bones, and joints strong and healthy.

Here, we will address a few of these foods, which aid in improving your immune and tissue repair function. Let us get started and address them one by one.


Beans are an excellent protein source and are highly nutritious. Protein consumption helps in spiking the insulin-like growth factor 1 level in the body. This is a vital hormone responsible for growth in children.

Beans also are a rich source of B vitamins and iron, which guard the children against anaemia, a condition depicting the dearth of healthy RBCs in the body. Iron is mandatory for the body’s tissue growth, but a deficiency of it might result in delayed growth in children.

Lastly, beans are also rich in copper, fiber, zinc, manganese, and magnesium source.

‘My baby girl does not like beans, but her doctor has recommended me to feed her beans at least once a week for optimum growth,’ comments Marry, an online reviewer who did the best Andis clippers review.


Chicken is a good protein source and has an array of vital nutrients, making it an excellent addition to your diet. It is a great Vitamin B12 source, which is a water-soluble vitamin that helps children grow taller and maintain a good height.

Chicken also has an amino acid, taurine, which regulates bone growth and development. Twenty grams of protein is found in three-ounce ounces of chicken.

However, the nutritional profile may be variable and is dependent on the cooking and cut method. Moreover, chicken is also a good phosphorous, selenium, niacin, and Vitamin B6 source.


Eggs are a good nutrition source and aid in the body’s natural growth and development. A large egg contains 6.24 grams of protein, 35.7 micrograms of folate, 24.1 milligrams of calcium, 0.513 micrograms of Vitamin B12, 1.24 micrograms of Vitamin D. Studies suggest that dearth of folate and Vitamin B12 in diet can result in stunted growth amongst children.

‘I am six feet tall, and my mom always said, you must eat your eggs if you want to play basketball,’ comments Audre, an online reviewer who did the best spinning reels under 100 reviews.


Quinoa is a market dominator and is a healthy replacement to several traditionally available grains. It is not just healthy for your body but is also one of the best foods to stimulate height growth. It has all the nine vital amino acids that your body requires and is believed to be a complete plant-based protein. Quinoa is also responsible for increasing bone density, as it is a good magnesium source.

Dairy and dairy products

Milk has protein and calcium in it, which helps in bone and development and adds to body strength. In addition, dairy products, such as cottage cheese, curd, yogurt, and cheese, are rich in vitamin and calcium sources, which are helpful in bone mineralization in children.

‘I make sure my kids drink milk every day. If some days they throw tantrums in drinking milk, I make some dishes out of it, and they enjoy them thoroughly,’ comments Donna, an online reviewer who did the best composting toilet for tiny house. 

However, if your child is lactose intolerant, you can replace the buffalo or cow milk with any other plant-derived milk following their paediatrician’s recommendation.


Soybean is an underrated but highly nutritious food option, which stimulates your child’s overall height and health. It is a rich protein source and an excellent fiber source, carbohydrates, vitamins, folate, and proteins. It is a great alternative for people who need a vegetarian protein source. You can also consume tofu made from soybeans.


Almonds are a rich source of vitamins and minerals that can stimulate growth and help you grow taller. They are packed with an array of healthy fats and are a good fiber source. Almonds also contain magnesium and manganese in them.

Moreover, almonds are a Vitamin E source, which is a fat-soluble vitamin that doubles as an antioxidant. A vitamin deficiency can result in severe side effects, which cause stunted growth in children. Almonds also stimulate good bone health.

‘I always pack about 10-12 almonds in my child’s tiffin box along with the food. They are filling and also aid in strengthening his bones,’ comments Jessica, an online educator who offers an online poetry class. 


Carrots are a good source of beta-carotene, which converts to Vitamin A in the body. Adding some carrots to the diet can aid in effective calcium absorption. This can better bone resorption and supports bone health. You can make fresh carrot juice or add them to the salads and serve them to your kids.


Another one of the best protein-rich foods that not just repair your bones and tissues but also stimulates height growth is oatmeal. You must consume a minimum of 50-grams of oatmeal in your daily breakfast to stimulate your height growth. You can find oats from an array of different brands. To ensure that you add several herbs and vegetables to the oats during the preparation, you add several herbs and vegetables to make them healthy and delicious. For maximum effect, you must start feeding oats to your child early on in life.

Whole grains

Whole grains are rich in magnesium, B vitamin, selenium, calcium, zinc, and iron source. The B Vitamins present in whole grains help in bone development and growth. Iron and zinc are quintessential for your body. The body utilizes zinc and iron to form an optimal bone matrix and provide ample bone strength.

Studies suggest that magnesium better bone density, and not adding adequate magnesium to your diet might intervene with the body’s natural ability to process calcium, which is vital for bone growth and development.

So, these are the ten most essential foods that you must feed to your children to help them grow taller and stronger.

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