The Brief And Only Construction Safety Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Did you know that, on average, construction industry fatalities account for nearly 1/5 of employee deaths each year? It’s a dangerous field, but proper safety measures can prevent accidents from occurring.

If you’re in charge of employee management at your job site, it’s up to you to implement these measures!

To help you remember them, we’ve put together this construction safety checklist. Follow it closely to keep your crew safe from any harm.

Wear the Right Safety Gear

Appropriate personal protective gear is the best starting point for a safe workplace. By wearing it, your crew is less likely to get hurt if an accident happens.

Make sure your laborers are wearing brightly-colored and reflective vests or jackets. These items often come in hues such as safety orange or safety yellow. They’ll also need correct footwear, like steel or composite toe boots.

Don’t forget safety glasses and hardhats, either, as they’re essential for protection.

Start the Day With a Stretch

Every morning before everyone tackles the construction job site, ensure your crew does some stretches. Doing so allows them to loosen their muscles and get their blood pumping. It also improves their mobility, leading to fewer sprains and other injuries.

If possible, encourage stretching around lunchtime and at the end of the day as well.

Replace Faulty Electrical Equipment

Do you have any electricians on your crew? If so, be sure to inspect their equipment and tools on occasion. If any of it is damaged or not working right, it can result in harsh burns or painful shocks.

Plus, faulty electrical parts pose a risk to everyone at the job site! Check them regularly as part of your construction safety routine.

No Earbuds, Just Earplugs

As tempting as it might be, you can’t let your laborers wear earbuds on the job. While it’s nice to listen to music while working, earbuds are a distraction and danger. It’s hard to hear someone yell, “Watch out!” with earbuds blasting in your ears.

Instead, your crew should wear earplugs. Doing so can protect their eardrums from loud noises.

Inspect Equipment Before Using

Do your crew members operate heavy machinery, like forklifts for moving equipment from If so, inspect it before using them. You can be extra thorough by asking the operators to examine them, as well.

Faulty machinery is dangerous, so if you find any damage, stop using it and request repairs.

Keep a First Aid Kit on Site

Even at a safe workplace, accidents can occur. Be prepared for them by keeping a first aid kit on standby at your construction job site. You should have items like wound disinfectants, bandages, gauze, and so on.

Smart Management Follows Construction Safety

The construction industry is among the most dangerous fields to work in. It’s so easy for workers to get put into risky situations! Stay smart and keep your crew safe by always following this construction safety checklist.

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