The Role Of Employee Training In Preventing And Responding To Workplace Fire

Fire safety training is not just a legal requirement for employers in Australia. It is a moral obligation to protect the lives and property of their workers and customers.

Workplace fires can cause devastating losses, injuries and fatalities, as well as damage to the environment and reputation of the business. That’s why it is essential that employees have fire safety training to ensure they are educated in how to prevent and respond to a workplace emergency such as a fire.

This article provides insight on the role of employee training in preventing and responding to workplace fires.

What is fire safety training?

Fire safety training is the process of educating employees on the causes, risks and consequences of fire. It also includes training in practical skills and knowledge to prevent, detect and extinguish fires. Fire safety training also covers the roles and responsibilities of fire safety practitioners, fire wardens and emergency wardens. An emergency warden, or fire safety warden is a designated staff members that coordinate and lead the evacuation and response in case of a fire. A safety warden must undergo specific fire safety warden training.

Fire safety training can be delivered in various formats, such as online courses, classroom sessions, practical exercises or simulations. The duration and content of fire safety training may vary depending on a number of factors. These include the industry, size and nature of the workplace, as well as the specific hazards and risks involved.

The certified fire protection specialist you employ to facilitate fire safety courses or fire warden training must comply with the Australian standard, and should ideally have experience in your industry.

Why is fire safety training important?

Fire safety training is important for several reasons:

  • It helps employees to identify and eliminate fire hazards in their work environment. Common workplace fire hazards may include faulty electrical equipment, flammable materials, poor housekeeping or smoking. A knowledgeable and aware employee can make all the difference in the event of a fire.
  • It teaches employees how to use fire protection equipment, such as fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets, safely and effectively.
  • It prepares employees for emergency situations, such as how to raise the fire alarm, follow evacuation procedures as outlined on the emergency plan, assist others and communicate with emergency services.
  • It enhances the confidence and competence of fire safety practitioners, fire wardens and emergency wardens, who are responsible for implementing the fire safety plan and ensuring the safety of others.
  • It reduces the likelihood and severity of workplace fires, which can save lives, prevent injuries, minimise property damage and avoid legal liabilities.

How to get fire safety training for your workplace?

If you are a building owner or employer in New South Wales or Queensland, you have a duty of care to provide adequate fire safety training for your employees. You also need to comply with the relevant legislation and standards that regulate fire safety in your state or territory.

One of the best ways to get fire safety training for your workplace is to contact a fire  training specialist today. A fire safety training specialist can assess your needs, tailor a training program that suits your industry and workplace, deliver high-quality training by qualified instructors, and provide ongoing support and advice.

Employing a leading provider of fire safety training in Australia is a great start. Find one that offers a range of nationally recognised courses that cover all aspects of fire safety, such as:

Workplace fire safety

Workplace fire safety ensures your employees and building occupants are properly trained for a fire emergency. It can often be facilitated onsite or at state of the art training facilities.

Fire extinguisher training course

These courses cover the safe operation of a fire extinguisher including practical use of fire extinguishers on a controlled fire. A competent trainer will ensure your staff are trained to identify the type of extinguisher to use for different types of fires.

Fire equipment

Fire equipment training is often tailored to your needs, taking into consideration your specific industry, facility and existing fire and life safety equipment.

Managing emergencies (fire warden training)

A high quality course will be fully integrated course for Floor Wardens, Chief Wardens, Fire Awareness and use of Extinguishers. It covers Leadership and communication in an emergency situation, procedures to ensure everyone is safely evacuated, and the management of people who are mobility impaired or require special assistance. It also covers the importance of housekeeping in the workplace.

Evacuation plans

A clear, actionable plan is essential for the safe and orderly exit from a building during a workplace emergency.

If it has been longer than 12 months since your company last received fire safety training, now would be a great time to find a certified fire safety practitioner. It is even better if they offer customised solutions for specific industries or scenarios, such as healthcare facilities, wind farms or mine sites.


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