Things you need to know about the forthcoming Part 3 of the Fantastic Beast Movie

So, the long-awaited fantasy movie, The Fantastic Beasts Season 3, is fast approaching and will be on screens in April 2022. We have a trailer to keep us alert and thirsting for the real deal until then. The secrets of Dumbledore come in as the third season of the Fantastic Beasts Series.

If you are a fan of fantasy movies, you have just come to the right page. This post outlines all the facts about the all-amazing film, Fantastic Beasts. Here, you will know what to expect and all the latest news about this banger movie in April.


Know the User Ratings

Fantastic Beasts, the Secrets of the Dumbledore is one of the high rated fantasy movies now. According to statistics from IMDb, this outstanding series has already attracted an average rating of approximately 7.3/10 with immense love from male users. This rating is provided based on the user voters from the US.

You must understand that it must be fascinating for a series to get such a high rating. Am sure you wouldn’t want to spend a whole weekend watching some boring and baseless series. The Fantastic Beast part 3 Movie is precisely the movie you should be looking forward to watching.

Did you know that the fantastic beats perfectly fit to be listed under the same category as the Harry Potter movie? Yes, and if what we expect from part 3 comes out perfectly, these banger movies will outweigh the harry potter movie.


User Comments

Did you know that people are waiting for part three of the Fantastic Movie? Since the trailer came out, many fantasy movie lovers have gotten down to giving views and remarks. A lot of people are giving positive reviews and praising this movie.

However, we still have those who are criticizing this masterpiece. We have a portion of fans comparing it with the Harry Potter movie, but do you think this proposed banger can be compared with the harry potter movie? Well, both are great movies, but I think this one here will be something unique and breathtaking.

There are many things to be excited about in this next trailer – we unquestionably recognized a ton of exciting subtleties. It is a prediction and sign that this movie will be great. This delayed masterpiece, also known as Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, has had its good part of deferrals in the background and significant giving changes a role as Mads Mikkelsen has taken over from Johnny Depp as Grindelwald.


Release Date and What to Expect

I am sure you are eager to know the exact date this banger will hit the Cinema screens. Well, the date is set and fixed. According to the Movie Release Schedule, the Fantastic Beast Movie part three is expected to premiere in all UK cinemas on the 8th of April 2022.

However, it will take approximately one week for the same movie to be streamed in the US, so it should be showing in cinemas in the US on the 15th of April 2022.

It’s been a long wait because the same movie was set to be released on the 12th of November 2021; however, the pandemic was still messing up with the social lives, so the release was delayed and postponed to this year.

Hopefully, there will be no more waits. Most of us have had the assumption and believe that the 4th and 5th parts of this fantastic movie will be all released by the time we get to 2024. However, according to the turn of events, it seems you will wait for a longer time.

After all that, however, it appears like things are on target for the new film to show up in films very soon. The past two films were of blended quality, yet it’s as yet an opportunity to return to the enchanted universe of Harry Potter – and who can oppose that?

You could even have two additional motion pictures to enjoy after this third season. However, we should not lose track of the main issue at hand. Here’s the beginning and end you want to be aware of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore and the likely fourth and fifth motion pictures.


What’s New?

So, there has been a change of roles and character. John Dep is not going to play as Grindelwald anymore. This comes after Warner Bros Johnny asked him to resign from the job. So do not expect him on this 3rd part.

However, we believe he appeared once as Grindelwald; however, we couldn’t comprehend whether this will wind up in the film or not.

The character of Grindelwald will currently be played by Doctor Strange and Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen. It’s not yet clear how the recast will be taken care of in the film; however, given the universe of Harry Potter, it could without much of a stretch be put down to an elixir, mishap, or supernatural camouflage.


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