Top Five Personal Photography Accessories

Whether you’re in a busy city or wandering around in wildlife, certain accessories need to be kept around for personal photography. You might be wondering, which accessories can be bought, that remain useful in the long run and get you out of tricky situations. Here are the top five accessories that would help you improve your photography and aid in protecting the camera.

Camera Bag:

You might be surprised why a boring accessory, like a bag, is included in this list. The reason is that a good camera bag can be a lifesaver in many scenarios. They are necessary to protect the camera and its lens from dust, rain, etc. There are different types of Camera bags that have different carrying capacities and sizes.

If you have a heavier kit and a few lenses, then a photo backpack is your go-to choice. It has loads of space, soft internal cushioning, and many smaller pockets.

Another kind of bag is a shoulder bag, this one is for carrying a smaller kit and puts weight only on one shoulder at a time and is easier to carry around.


Tripods are considered as probably the most important photography accessory by photographers as it allows one to take photos from multiple angles and positions. It keeps the camera perfectly still which allows you to capture highly detailed images.

It’s best to choose a tripod that can extend up to your eye level while at the same time allows you to capture an image close to the ground level. A good flexible tripod can help you explore every angle.

It’s always wise to buy a good quality tripod than a cheaper one, as a better one keeps the camera still, in its place, even in a strong breeze. A flimsy tripod can break off or fall at any moment and can damage the camera in the process.

Remote Shutter Release:

You can take snaps of scenic landscapes, sports festivals, and other such events, but what happens when you want to include yourself in a group photo or want to take a snap of a rare bird from up close without scaring it away. This is where Remote Shutter Release comes in.

Remote Release helps you to shoot images at the exposure of up to 30 seconds. You can take various snaps without having to touch the camera that can reduce the risk of shake and capture a great quality photo.

Remote Release comes in two versions; cabled and wireless. Wireless Remote releases are preferable due to their long ranges and physical disconnection from the camera.


For your photography, you must have multiple filters with you at all times. Lens filters can improve your snapping by a certain margin. They can help to protect the lens, add creative effects, and improve color. Following are some of the best filters.

UV Filters can aid in removing UV haze in some situations. They remove the reflections from reflecting bodies such as water or glaciers which can cause images to be hazy.

ND Filters or Neutral Density Filters use dark-colored glass and help in limiting the light entering the lens without affecting the color of your snap. When the shutter speed is slow, this filter can help in avoiding overexposing your image in bright light.

Polarizing Filters are the most used filters by photographers these days. They can reduce glare and reflection and also provide more animated colors in a scene. Reflected light can get polarized, i.e. light wave gets aligned on an individual plane instead of spreading. Polar Filters can eliminate such polarizations by eliminating glares and reflections.

Cleaning Kits:

If you want to get the maximum out of your camera and its lens, then cleaning kits are necessary. A clean camera is essential for its longevity while a cleaner lens is a must for better quality pictures.

Cleaning the lens with your dress or a towel can damage it in the long run. There are specific wipes for this purpose such as Micro Fiber clothes. These wipes aids in removing dirt, stains, and fingerprints from the lens.

If the dirt stains are tough to remove with a microfiber cloth alone then a Carbon Pen will do the job. This pen attracts dirt particles without needing any liquid. Carbon pens are used for places where using the liquid spray can be harmful.

The lens cleaning fluid is made from different chemicals and elements so that it doesn’t leave any stain or mark on the lens while removing dust particles. It’s best to spray cleaning fluid on a microfiber and then wipe the lens with this piece of cloth.

The above-mentioned accessories are a few of the most used ones and help in coping with all sorts of conditions. Many other accessories can be extremely useful for photographers, such as a selfie ring light that helps to illuminate the subject of the camera from up close. So, the priority of accessories is subjective as different types of professionals need different items to maximize their photography skills.


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