What Does Durfing Mean? Describe It.

Durfing Definition

1) When you are having sex with someone and you fart, a small piece of poop travels down your leg and onto your partner.

2) When you make goal-bound shots while playing soccer.

What’s right, durfing?

After a demanding night of celebrating, a perspective and physique emerge that causes you to lose all sense of reality and to procastinate to the fullest extent possible. Normal side effects include keeping your hands in your pants for longer periods of time, having constant gas, craving “sofa pizza”, refusing to change your pants after peeing in them hours earlier, being sensitive to any light source, having a foot scent, having an upset stomach, and having loose bowels.

What exactly is “Durfing”?

A term for the hair that grows on the spoil is “thing.”

Durfing Definition

the area that prevents one from shitting on his nuts is between the butt sphincter, sometimes known as the “nutsack,” and the scrotum.

Durfing Meaning

The practise of dry bumping before marriage. This takes place when the LDS religion is courting.

Durfing Jargon

the practise of dry humping through clothing, most frequently used by young Mormon women. frequently accompanied with blue balls for the man and a guilty conscience in the piece for the girl.


what is durfing

what is durf


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