What is Payment Agregation?

Softjourn is ready to provide high-quality services in the field of payment aggregation, as well as fintech consulting services, due to its extensive experience in this area, as well as a staff of qualified specialists, each of whom has been working in the field of financial consulting for customers for at least 20 years. All customers, owners of large companies or founders of startups, can be sure that the service will be provided in full, with the preparation of an official detailed report.

What are Payment Aggregation and Fintech Consulting?

Fintech Consulting is a type of consulting service for customers, which implies the achievement of the following result, depending on the expectations of stakeholders:

  • Initial consultation of clients, highlighting the most important issues, and setting tasks for the team.
  • Development of a roadmap, brainstorming to solve all previously set tasks, setting tight deadlines, and setting the price of the service.
  • Combining financial and technological solutions into a single block, in strict accordance with the wishes of the client and the agreed algorithm of action.
  • Digitization of all received data, transferring them to information media and cloud storage.
  • Conducting secondary consultations, and issuing recommendations to the customer for the effective implementation of innovative technologies in the business management structure, to increase profitability and quickly achieve payback.
  • Drawing up a final report based on the results of analytical work with the rationale for each of the decisions made.

The conversion of all data into digital format is carried out with the involvement of competent partners, and IT companies, which also have extensive experience in this fintech industry.

Stages of Payment Aggregation and Fintech Consulting

The process of fintech consulting, which is carried out to strengthen control over business processes and ensure a quick profit, by the company’s business plan, involves the provision of services in strict accordance with the following steps:

  • Evaluation of the existing architecture. Deep inspection of the enterprise activity, determination of the main requirements, development of strategies and roadmaps, and evaluation of the overall structure of the program code. At this stage, highly qualified specialists conduct an initial consultation with clients to identify possible errors, search for inefficient parts in the overall application architecture, and also explain which details and technological processes hinder the efficiency of work and business.
  • Building a cloud infrastructure and transferring the main digitized data to it. Modern companies are gradually moving away from storing data on internal servers in favor of transferring them to cloud systems. This optimizes databases, allows for virtually limitless scaling, and reduces the cost of acquiring core hardware.
  • Connection of all individual components, commissioning and trial run of the new system. Fintech consulting implies not only the provision of recommendations and debugging of individual program codes, but also the connection of all disparate components into a single efficient system. Thus, when ordering services, the customer may initially set the task of auditing the existing application architecture from start to finish, taking into account the trial run and debugging of all system details.
  • DevOps is the latest technology, consisting of complex program codes and algorithms, which provides the maximum level of automation of all business processes and greatly improves the quality of the fintech consulting service.
  • Providing support to the customer in the implementation of previously agreed rules, requirements, and recommendations. At all stages of development and implementation of a new software product, the specialists of the financial technology company provide comprehensive support to the customer at each stage, providing full control over each analytical and technological operation. The main goal in the implementation of this type of work is to achieve PCI compliance and the experience of introducing effective improvements to the program code at each stage of development.
  • Ensuring the compatibility of the new product and helping to integrate it into other third-party systems. Consulting specialists offer a unique service to combine a product that needs to be upgraded and improved with other applications. In this case, the architecture of both applications is analyzed, followed by a search for similar program codes and functions, which ensures synchronization and the possibility of collaboration. If necessary, other technological solutions are used, if the products are initially completely incompatible with each other.
  • The main stage on which the success of control over business processes depends is a fintech audit of the program code. This analytical operation allows the point business owner to identify both the health and effectiveness of their applications, program code, and basic settings. During the audit, the possibility of integrating the current application into other programs, compliance with the structure of architectures, and other nuances is determined, after which the user or other interested person decides to invest in the modernization of the entire business process management algorithm.

Thus, the main goal of fintech consulting is to determine the effectiveness of current applications that control business processes, identify shortcomings and unused functionality, and then develop a set of measures to improve and introduce innovations into the customer’s current system to improve its performance, as well as quickly reach profitability by achieving a return on previously spent funds.

The main advantages of ordering the service payment agregation and fintech consulting

Most customers, owners of large or small enterprises involved in the development and implementation of software products in various industries and technological areas of production activity, turn to consultants for payment agregation and fintech consulting, as this analytical activity provides them with many of the following undeniable advantages:

  • Specialists always analyze the effectiveness of the company’s activities and accurately determine all current problems that hinder development, such as updated program codes, unclaimed functionality, operator errors in software management, as well as possible discrepancies between the intended use of the product and the requirements and strategy of the company’s business development. Based on the audit, highly qualified consultants, programmers, and system engineers develop a set of measures to improve the current system with the introduction of innovative elements of modernization.
  • Many competitive organizations recently engaged in fintech consulting often offer their customers the purchase of hybrid versions of applications that are most suitable for the company’s field of activity, if necessary, synchronization and collaboration in various fields of activity. Such software products are usually delivered off-the-shelf, have limited functionality, and are extremely difficult to scale. Our company offers its customers a detailed analysis of the economic efficiency of future investments in the purchase of a hybrid product. If the future integrated product does not meet all the requirements of the customer’s business development strategy, a decision is made to create and upgrade individual system components on an individual basis with the subsequent assembly of all components into a single software product. Such a solution makes it possible not only to save money when making the initial investment but also to avoid unnecessary costs later and at the same time ensure a thorough adherence to the business plan, roadmap and conditions agreed in the contract with the customer.
  • Increasing security in the field of preventing possible cyber-attacks. Many modern IT and financial companies, whose activities are inextricably linked with servicing a large number of individuals, and storing funds on user accounts, often face the problem of ensuring the reliable protection of their customers. To prevent fraudulent transactions related to the circulation of user savings, a reliable security system is required, which is implemented only after an audit and detailed analysis of program codes, which allows analysts and market experts to develop the most effective coding system that completely excludes cyber-attacks.
  • Our company never rests on its laurels. Analysts, engineers, programmers, and consultants are constantly improving their skills, offering customers only the latest IT solutions. This ensures the development of user-friendly interfaces, as well as the maximum level of security of the entire system. When developing a set of measures to modernize the application after a detailed audit of program codes, innovative technologies such as Blockchain, AI, or OCR are introduced into the system.
  • One of the main goals of payment aggregation analysis is to reduce the cost of developing new products or upgrading old software codes. Specialists offer the customer only well-thought-out optimal schemes that exclude the introduction of unnecessary functionality and also provide the maximum possible savings both at the stage of primary costs, as well as secondary permanent investments.

Finally, our company develops an individual roadmap and interaction scheme with each client, providing a flexible approach. This enables any potential customer to gain a competitive advantage over other market participants and fully implement their bold ideas for upgrading the software product.


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