What Should You Do After an Injury to a Child at Daycare?

No parent forgets the first day they leave their child in daycare. We all remember those tiny, clinging hands, the comforting words of the staff, and the inescapable, primal guilt.

Despite the anxiety of that first day, daycare is a valuable and stimulating environment in which children can thrive. Sadly, sometimes things go wrong.

Even with devoted and attentive staff, accidents and injuries can happen. In these circumstances, it’s helpful to understand what you should do as a parent when dealing with an injury to a child. Here’s what you need to know.

Get a Documented Report From the Staff

A child hurt at daycare can often cause parents to panic, so remembering these steps is essential. First, when you collect your child from daycare, you must get a written note from the team about the injury.

The document should include information on what happened. It should also document what treatment and examination the team carried out.

Daycare teams should always have someone on-site with first aid training, and treatment should follow recommended first aid procedures.

If you feel there is information missing from the document, such as how and why the injury happened, ask the team to provide a further explanation.

Book Your Child a Medical Examination

Always book a formal medical examination for a child injury. In the case of a head injury or an open wound, it’s essential. Try and book an appointment as soon as you can after daycare has notified you about the accident.

Take in any information to the medical team that the daycare team has provided, such as what first aid treatment they carried out at the time.

Contact an Injury Attorney

Contact an injury law firm for legal advice before you make any official complaint to the daycare organization. The law firm will guide you on daycare injury laws.

Avoid signing any paperwork or documents that the daycare team has asked you to sign.

At this point, you should also decide whether to keep your child away from daycare instead of returning. Talk to your attorney about whether you think there might be an ongoing risk to your child in the facility.

Follow Up With the Daycare Manager

Once you’ve had legal advice, if your attorney advises it, follow up with the daycare manager. Let their team know what additional treatment your child may have had after a medical examination.

It’s also a suitable time to ask the daycare manager if they intend to change any health and safety rules on site to prevent a repeat injury. Ask what other steps are necessary to reduce other risks to your child (and other children).

What to Do After Injury to a Child

Learning that your child has suffered an injury can feel frightening. And you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t happen again. So always take appropriate legal and medical steps after an injury to a child.

Learning first aid is highly valuable, so head over to our health section to get more guidance.


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