Which Techniques Can Your Business Use to Be More Memorable?

The most successful businesses out there tend to be the ones that are most memorable to their customers and are the go-to option even if the next purchase is months or even years later. This can be achieved by adding things that come with the purchase, like gifts, or launching competitions to bring your company’s online community closer together. 

Alternatively, it could include different ways of appealing to your audience, so they continue to browse your website or visit it more often. With that in mind, here are some of the things that you can do to leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

#1 Make Your Site More Accessible

Adding accessibility options can go a long way in encouraging people to delve a bit deeper into your website. Foremost among these are options for text size, text spacing, and color contrast settings, as it can be a great way to stop your customers from clicking away from your website because they are having difficulty using it. 

If your website hasn’t been coded to offer this level of accessibility, then there are web accessibility overlays that can do much of the hard work for you. The right ones also give you options for audio descriptions or subtitles for your content, allowing you to find a whole new audience for whatever product or service you happen to have. 

#2 Social Media Competitions

Hosting competitions on social media can mean that people are marketing your business for you without even realizing it. You will find that this allows you to get the word out about your company, without needing to worry about getting your team to do too much of the marketing at your end. For example, by getting your followers to post a picture with one of your products and use a certain hashtag, you can get people talking about your company with all their followers, who are not even aware of your business or what it does. 

#3 Custom Swag

This can be a great technique to build a following of loyal customers. It’s no surprise that people like to get free things with their packages, and it can be a vital ingredient in making sure that they are having a positive experience. If people enjoy ‘unboxing’ your package, which can be done through a mixture of excellent packaging design and custom swag, you create many repeat customers for your business, that you know are going to buy something, not just because they need it or want it, but because they want to get another freebie. 

#4 Mass Marketing Emails and Texts

Email and SMS messaging can reach a lot of people on your database very quickly, so is ideal for building a relationship with them, as well as just marketing about products. Offering them tips or insights into how your business works can prove you are not just about the hard sell, and when a prompt to buy comes along, it is more likely to have the desired effect.


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