Why should you invest in CureMD EHR Software?

As a medical practitioner, you have to juggle several tasks to keep your processes efficient and your practice competitive. Having a cumbersome medical software system can eat up a lot of time and slow down day-to-day processes. This means the modern healthcare environment requires you to implement new and innovative technologies that can streamline your daily practice tasks and provide ongoing visibility into efficiency. A comprehensive EMR platform, such as CureMD EHR, can help you identify stumbling blocks and improve workflow efficiency with its best-in-class features. In this piece, we will go about the top CureMD EHR features and benefits that make this platform worth your investment in 2022.

CureMD EHR software – An overview

CureMD EHR software offers an all-in-one electronic health recording platform to optimize practice efficiency, personalize care delivery, enhance patient safety, and minimize cost. This integrated system is suitable for a variety of healthcare clinics and specialties. It includes electronic health records, practice management, electronic prescribing, and a mobile care solution. What’s more, its intuitive and customizable EMR platform helps users automate their daily practice operations with ease. Many healthcare providers are using this medical software solution to elevate efficiency, achieve seamless communication with patients, and deliver the best patient care possible.

The software is built to provide easy access to patient information, as well as automate time-consuming and repetitive work processes. CureMD EHR reviews confirm that physicians can quickly access patient medical records and engage with them to ensure better healthcare outcomes. In addition to this, it comes with an iOS app that gives users the convenience of performing practice tasks from anywhere. This means providers can easily schedule patient visits, prescribe medications, and verify insurance eligibility from anywhere outside their clinic.

This best EMR for small practice also integrates seamlessly with multiple systems, services, and platforms used in the healthcare industry. There are several CureMD EHR features that enable physicians to smoothly exchange information with different stakeholders, including hospitals, insurance payers, laboratories, agencies, and pharmacies.

Top CureMD EHR features mentioned in user reviews

CureMD EHR reviews suggest that the software is neck-to-neck with robust features that effortlessly streamline the day-to-day clinical, financial, and administrative tasks. It is a one-stop-shop system that helps providers achieve a modern healthcare facility. Listed below are its features that have received multiple positive mentions from users.

  • Enterprise scheduling

This all-inclusive platform takes the scheduling needs of practice very seriously. It offers an enterprise scheduling solution that helps users streamline the entire appointment scheduling process. You can use its color-coding tool to schedule and match up providers with specialty equipment. Waiting list management, chain scheduling, SMS & email notifications, automatic eligibility verification, and family/group schedule – it’s all there.

  • Electronic prescriptions

CureMD EHR software aims to facilitate patients and providers with its secure e-prescribing feature that connects thousands of pharmacies all across the US. It efficiently connects prescribers with pharmacies for medication reconciliation, prescription refill requests, controlled substance e-prescribing, and a drug knowledge base. You can also access adverse reaction information and prescription benefits.

  • Patient portal

This EMR platform comes with a robust patient portal that helps providers enhance patient engagement. Simply put, the feature enables patients to participate more actively throughout their care process. They no longer have to wait in lines for requesting prescription refills and appointments, update medical records, access test results, make payments, or get instructions from physicians. This is because they can perform these tasks online through the patient portal. You can also book a CureMD EHR demo to evaluate this feature.

  • Interoperability

Another highly praised CureMD EHR feature is the software’s ability to connect various stakeholders for improved patient care delivery. The platform seamlessly interoperates and integrates with a variety of technologies, services, and systems being used in the healthcare industry. This enables providers to easily exchange patient information with hospitals, radiology service providers, pharmacies, insurance payers, cancer or immunization registrars, laboratories, and other stakeholders. For example, the software uses a modern lab interfacing technology that instantly connects providers with a number of laboratories. This way, they can request lab tests and access them online.

  • Revenue Cycle Management

This highly adaptable platform leads to improved revenue collections with the help of its robust RCM tools. It carefully converts medical services into cash reimbursement through tools like electronic payment posting, claims preparation, denial management, follow-up, same-day electronic claim submission, and more.

Overview of Benefits

Based on top user reviews, we have noted the following benefits for this medical software platform:

  • CureMD EHR reviews confirm that physicians can track a patient’s complete healthcare information to ensure more accurate treatment with fewer documentation errors.
  • The software ensures the security of sensitive patient information and reduces the risk of it being destroyed or misplaced. It assigns different access levels to make sure that only authorized people have access to private patient information.
  • Most users praise the software for helping them secure client data and avoid fines by complying with modern healthcare standards like HIPAA, MACRA, and MIPS.
  • It allows users to communicate with their patients in real-time using a mobile device to provide more effective care on the go.
  • Providers catering to medical specialties, such as ambulatory surgery, allergy, cardiology, behavioral health, endocrinology, dermatology, etc., can stay compliant and agile.
  • Healthcare practitioners can document patient data electronically for fewer mistakes. It also eliminates handwriting issues that may result in incorrect diagnoses.

Pricing details

The pricing plan for this EMR software starts at $195.00 per user, per month. You can request the vendor to get a quote for your practice.

Wrapping up

CureMD’s all-in-one EHR platform is known for its best-in-class features. The medical software system offers comprehensive solutions to help providers streamline all facets of practice administration, patient communication, and workflow. In order to make a wise decision for your practice, you should double down on your research by reading user reviews and booking a CureMD EHR demo. For more information, visit Software Finder and get in touch with our team of experts.


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