Why you have to prepare to go green

Nowadays, the “Go green” motto is closely associated with shifting from petrol cars to electric ones. And, of course, using smart EV chargers to feed these cars.

To learn more about the EV charging solutions available for you, click here. To learn why you have to prepare to go green, read this post.

(A spoiler: the topic involves not only families that own cars. Moreover, it involves not only companies with car fleets but companies without this as well.)

Households and companies with a car fleet

Of course, families and companies with car fleets are the first to prepare to go green and replace their ICE vehicles with EVs. Or, in case they are just about to buy a car, to turn their head to the electric one straightaway.

Besides environmental considerations, the reasons here are as follows:

  • First, there is already a gap in the total cost of ownership between petrol and electric vehicles. It is due to terribly rising gasoline prices and lower EV maintenance costs. Besides, this gap will only increase.
  • Second, a petrol-car ban policy the Governments of many countries run. In other words, very soon, you will not be able to buy a brand-new petrol car. And, afterwards, even used petrol cars are likely to be under the ban. So, you will have to go green!
  • Third, government grants to partially offset your expenses for purchasing an electric car or installing an EV charging solution. However, the number of grants and their amount will lower over the years. And this is why you’d better go green right now instead of sometime in the future.

Shopping centres, restaurants, and cafés

At first sight, the “go green” move affects only car-owning entities. However, it also affects shopping centres, restaurants, cafés, and many other companies in services. Still, the question here is not about purchasing an electric car. The question here is about EV charging station installation.

Indeed, each EV driver should be regarded as a customer. After all, an EV driver is a person. A person who may need shopping, dining, entertainment, etc. So, if a shopping centre, restaurant, or café arranges EV charging amenities at its place, it will attract more EV-driving customers. In other words, when providing EV charging amenities, its competitiveness will increase.

And, keeping in mind the global trend toward electric cars, it is highly unlikely such efforts will be in vain. Instead, those who will gain their green image first must benefit the most!

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