Why You Should Consider Expense Management Software

Every department within an organization represents a cog in the overall machine of how the business works. If the machine is well oiled, with each component performing its intended duty – and performing it Well – then things tend to go smoothly. When a department is not pulling its weight, suffering from various issues, or not being accurate then many more significant problems can arise. This is especially a concern when it comes to finances and expenses. Managing expenses can be challenging even in the best of times. With the business world, hospitality, and tourism sectors suffering some of its biggest setbacks in some time due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, finding new ways to streamline and enhance business functions is crucial. That’s why using expense management software can positively impact any business—especially in regard to employee travel and expense  Here are a few reasons why you should consider implementing expense management software at your business and how it can benefit you well into the future.

Error Reduction

Just like you wouldn’t want to have any errors in getting life insurance quotes or pricing out your next home, reducing errors in reports/accounting is an integral part of any form of expense management. Expense management at any company can be a time-consuming process. Errors can cause significant problems throughout the process. On the employee side, make sure they’re submitting receipts on time and with great accuracy. Use software to capture all spending before and after the travel is complete. Software is also useful for planning the trip and managing expenses ahead of time to avoid any errors in the reporting. The fewer errors you have, the easier it is to keep track of travel (or any other) expenses. Because errors can be costly no matter how severe they are, it’s vital to figure out ways to reduce them. But how do you do it? It’s easy.

Clearly defining policies, what covers acceptable travel expenses, and giving your team the right tools for tracking expenses all lead to error reduction over the long term. 

Spend Visibility

A big part of spend visibility and best practices regarding it is understanding the data that you accumulate as you look into your spend. It’s also vital to create paths to seeing your spend in real-time. The last thing you want is to run afoul of rogue or maverick spend. Allocating funds also requires the right data to know where, how much, and keep track of money going in and out of the organization. Implementing spend analysis procedures is key to success here. The organization needs to gather relevant data from every department involved. Then Proceeding with an overview of each expenditure and using spending analysis tools to analyze it will help clear up any questions, identify patterns, and ensure everyone is getting the best value for their money. It’s also useful for preventing fraud and managing expenses across the board.

Fraud Prevention

Preventing fraud is critical to any business, but it’s especially vital in the realm of expense management. When it comes to T & E (travel and expense), preventing fraud is critical. The last thing any organization wants is for travel expenses to lead to bigger problems down the line. To maintain accuracy, prevent rogue spend, and help manage these expenses, software makes all the difference. A good way to prevent fraud is to account for any potential expenses using artificial intelligence. This lets you get a good handle on approximate costs so that you can track things and keep an eye out for fraud. Incorporating powerful expense management software into your daily operations helps reduce fraud while simultaneously streamlining expense management across the organization.

Streamlined Repayment

Another big part of the travel and expense management equation is ensuring payments and repayments happen on time, accurately, and with plenty of tracking. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to streamline this process? Luckily, there is and it’s already part of your expense management software package. Streamlined repayment for employees means they can get reimbursed much faster. That means happier employees, better expense management, and full compliance with company protocols and established reimbursement procedures.

Easier Reporting

Accounting and auditing rely on reports for data, visibility into risk, fraud prevention, and maintaining accuracy. Reports should be streamlined as well. Automating reports makes everyone’s lives easier. It gets rid of pesky paperwork, but more importantly it can reduce costs associated with paper processing. Employees can capture receipts with their phones, making tracking so much simpler! It also helps with compliance and following the law when it comes to reimbursing staff in a timely manner. With automation, there’s no time consuming data entry or manual assessment. Everything is accessible at your fingertips, from ensuring repayment and remaining compliant to gathering vital insights into the entire process.

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