Why You Should Say No to Meat

According to recent stats from Statista, on average, 86% of people are meat-eaters. A lot of people consume meat products daily. However, the vegan and vegetarian trends are on the rise because many people switch to plant-based food only. Moreover, many food manufacturers create grain-based foods that are similar to meat by consistency and taste. There are a lot of reasons why they decide to eliminate meat from their diets. Let’s take a deeper dive and discover why you also should say no to meat.

Environmental Reasons

Indeed, the production of meat has a serious impact on the environment. These days, the industry is the #1 contributor to global warming. Livestock produces a lot of greenhouse gases that force the planet to warm up faster. Nevertheless, there are also a lot of problems related to livestock maintenance. For example, cattle need large territories that are used as pastures. All these lands could be potentially used for growing crops more efficiently. According to recent stats, nearly half of all corn crops are fed to livestock. Almost 95% of all the soy grown is also used to provide cattle with food.

To crop the required amount of food for animals, farmers use genetically-modified seeds and apply a lot of fertilizer. It forces fast ground degradation and water pollution. Nevertheless, the increasing demand for land forces many people to cut trees and turn forests into massive lands into fields or pastures. Therefore, if you want to contribute to the global warming fight, it’s recommended to refuse to eat meat. It will help reduce the demand for meat, so many farmers and production companies will stop ruining lands and polluting the water.

Support of Overall Health

Consumption of plant-based food only can help promote health. For starters, a crop-based diet can be helpful for weight management. Also, it may help lower the risk of heart disease and certain cancers because vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins. Those who have skin problems can also benefit from switching to plant-based diets.

Unfortunately, there is one drawback. When stopping eating meat, many people force their organisms to stress because digestive processes and habits have to be changed. Consequently, a lot of people experience fatigue and lack of energy to tackle daily tasks. If you’re a student who cannot afford to slow down the pace, you may think, “Who to pay to do my homework?” to get your papers completed on time when switching to a plant-based diet.

Concerns about Meat Production Industry

There are a lot of concerns about the way meat is produced. Animals are unique creatures who live with us on the planet. Unfortunately, humanity decided that some animals must be eaten while others are cuddled. The production of meat is related to cruelty. The meat doesn’t appear in stores by itself. Firstly, animals should be killed. Even though most processes are automated to reduce сruelty, animals struggle.

Animals are not treated as live creatures. Vice versa, they are treated as commodities that have no feelings and thoughts. Сattle have to live in terrible conditions expecting the execution day. In most cases, cows and pigs live in closed premises. Chicken and quail spend all their lives in crates. All animals are tagged and injected with antibiotics daily. Farmers also add a lot of supplements to animals’ food to promote the fast growth of livestock.

Antibiotic injections help keep animals safe from diseases that develop fast in terrible living conditions. Unfortunately, the massive use of antibiotics promotes the development of new viruses. Viruses use animals to train to fight the most famous antibiotics. They mutate fast and become sustainable to the existing medicine. Consequently, a large number of new viruses that can be hardly treated appear.

A Large Number of Alternatives

The main reason people cannot simply switch to plant-based diets is the need for our organisms in protein. Unfortunately, meat is the primary source of protein, so it’s vital to eat this product. There are a lot of different plant-based products that are rich in protein and could be used as a replacement for meat. However, people need to spend a lot of time opting for protein-rich vegetables and preparing them. Also, they need to create diets and follow them to get the required amount of nutrients. Therefore, many of them consider that it’s more simple to buy and prepare meat.

However, these days, there are a lot of alternatives to meat in every store, so you won’t need to hassle when switching to plant-based food. For example, you can opt for canned beans in every corner store. In addition, protein-rich products like pistachios, almonds, edamame, chickpeas, asparagus, and others are available in almost any store these days. Moreover, many manufacturers produce meat-free nuggets and chops that have similar form and taste for those who are used to consuming meat. Therefore, the only problem you may face when refusing to consume meat is the lack of desire to do so.


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