Wooden Furniture Surfaces: How to Repair Them.

Wooden pieces are very fashionable these days. Many homeowners utilize hardwood flooring and furnishings to give their homes a more traditional and old appearance. However, as time passes, these wooden things may become boring. Wood is a gorgeous décor element utilized by many cabinet makers, but it sometimes needs some TLC to attain its full potential.

Surface damage to your hardwood furniture can range from scratches to discoloration. Fortunately, many of the issues are fixable.

Here are eight of the simplest ways to restore and repair common wood concerns. Allow the inherent beauty of your home’s wood features to show!

What Causes Wood Damage?

Wood may be damaged for a variety of causes. Dust and huge jagged particles in a wooden object can leave scratch marks on it. Sharper things can even pierce wood and leave microscopic holes.

Humidity might also be an issue. If the wood absorbs too much moisture, it becomes destroyed and mold begins to form, causing gradual but significant harm to the wood structure.

Sunlight is the most common cause of discoloration. Excessive exposure to sunshine might degrade the wood’s beautiful, glossy appearance.

Weather can also be a role in wood damage. Wood contracts in cold, dry temperatures and swells in hot, humid conditions. This is elementary physics. This cyclical contraction and expansion can weaken the structure of your wood, potentially causing it to fall apart.

Natural Restoration Method

There are several chemical treatments available that can restore the lustrous glossy hue of worn wood. But why use chemicals when there is a completely natural solution?

Coconut oil is the finest natural cure for discoloration. Coconut oil draws out the natural color of the wood while also moisturizing it. Coconut oil not only rehydrates but also restores the natural color and delicate sheen of your wood. Although it appears to “stain” the wood darker, it is really restoring the healthy, natural color. Isn’t coconut oil’s secret power amazing?

Minor Scratch Mark Repair

There is a simple remedy for small scratch marks and damages. Mix three quarter cup of canola oil and a quarter cup of  vinegar. Apply the mixture to the scratch marks or other small damaged areas after completely mixing it.

The blemishes will gradually fade, and the wood will appear as good as new. Scuffs can also be repaired by rubbing them with a walnut!

Naturally, Stain & Darken

If you want the wood to seem darker while still retaining its original wooden color, vinegar is your best bet. Depending on the hue you choose, either balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar can be used to deepen the color of your wood.

Using a wire brush to apply vinegar ensures that it reaches every grain of the wood surface. This will prevent the color from fading too fast.

Remove Watermarks With Petroleum Oil or Mayo

Yes, you read that correctly: mayo! This method offers a natural solution to a common problem. Water might get into your hardwood furniture or floor, leaving a stain on it. The stain can make the wood seem filthy and unappealing. You may use food mayo or petroleum oil to remove the discoloration.

Allow mayo or petroleum oil to sit on the water stain for a few hrs. Afterward, wipe away the mayo or oil to remove any remaining water stains.

Expose The Under Layered Wood

Some wooden artifacts contain many layers of wood. This strengthens the timber. Nonetheless, suppose you notice that the upper layer of the wooden object is being damaged or losing its color. In that situation, you can remove the top layer of wood and utilize the underlayer instead.

This is a highly inexpensive and time-saving approach. To save both money and time you must forfeit the object’s durability.

Avoiding Sunlight Damage

Sunlight may be quite damaging to wooden things. Sunlight, particularly UV rays, can create adhesion and discoloration, as well as making the wood seem uninteresting. You may avoid this by using an opaque finish.

Opaque coatings are extremely effective at filtering UV radiation and preserving the original color of the wood.


This article’s tips and tactics can assist you in repairing a wide range of damages. They are inexpensive and simple to administer, so you do not need to rely on specialists.

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