10 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Lightroom Presets

If you shoot in RAW and either want to save a lot of time or are looking for a way to get your colors just perfect, you need to find the perfect Lightroom preset. You may think that this is a waste of money and time, but if you put in the right amount of effort, it will pay off.

So, where should you start? There are a lot of surfacing presets out there, and I’m sure you have even seen some in the Photo Panel of Lightroom, but when it comes to finding just the right presets for the specific needs, you have to do some digging.

To help you find the best Lightroom Presets, we’ve put together 10 tips that will help make your job a little easier. 

1. Get Inspired

The best way to find the perfect present is to look around and see what other users have created. You will get a lot of inspiration, but you will also come across some really neat designs that you can incorporate into your next photoshoot. For example, if you want to create that cool 90s look, then you should definitely check out the retro presets on Flickr.

2. Read Reviews

Most of the preset packs are sold by third-party websites, and they also include free presets; however, there are a lot of users who like to leave reviews. If you’re not sure about a specific pack, it might be worth checking out some of their reviews first. 

3. Subscribe To The Preset’s Email List

Many preset producers also have an email list, so if you sign up for it and then subscribe to the presets that you’re interested in, you’ll be in the loop on new updates and new presets. This is a great way to get in touch with your favorite preset maker that may offer discounts for those who sign up early. This is a great way to save money. 

4. Check For Updates

Some preset designers will release new versions of the presets, and there might be times when you have the old version installed. You should check for updates if you’ve gone through the above options or have bought a preset pack before.

5. Be Creative

You don’t always have to search for presets that are already in existence. You can also take raw images from your collection and edit them differently with various Lightroom presets. If you have a favorite preset, then look at the various elements that it incorporates and see if you can make an edit to your own raw images. This will help you develop individual results and make your photos look better than ever.

6. Use The Lightroom Presets That Are Already There

You can edit your existing presets for different effects, such as converting them into black and white or adjusting their layers to give a new look to your photos. You can also adjust the tonal ranges to get perfect results.

7. Find the Colors

If you want to get the right colors on your image, then you have to make sure that you find the right presets. For example, if you take a look at the retro presets, then they usually use warmer colors, while vintage presets often feature cooler tones with lots of whites too. Remember to look at the saturation levels, as some have more natural-looking colors.

8. Test Each One

If you want to find the Perfect Lightroom Presets, you will have to test every one of them. Even if you’re looking for a preset that is supposed to be similar, there are subtle differences that might make all the difference. Just because it may not work for you right away doesn’t mean that it isn’t great; therefore, make sure to stay positive and continue trying out new presets until you find just the right one. 

9. Stay Professional

If you want to get the perfect Lightroom Presets, you have to think about what it means to be professional when working in this mode. You have to make sure that your image is not affected by the transition between the preset and your raw image.

10. Create Your Own Lightroom Presets

If you want to create your own Lightroom Presets, then you have to make sure that you’re working with the right tools and not just the presets. You can also use different presets on different raw images if you’re looking for a specific look. 

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