The Benefits Of Keeping Your Kids Active & Enjoying Life In Australia

It is so difficult to keep your kids active here in Australia as a parent because due to modern technology, your children have so many other distractions that will have them sitting on their backsides and never really moving around at all. I am talking about smartphones and the various games consoles that children want for their birthdays and all other times of the year. Kids nowadays don’t move around as much as they should and so their physical and mental health is suffering as a direct result. Child obesity is actually a thing here in Australia and this is something that would be unheard of 20 years ago when we were younger.

Kids naturally want to stay active and to move around and so it is your job as the parent to provide them with exciting opportunities that will take them away from their digital devices and want them to take part. One such activity is kid’s basketball and due to the popularity of the NBA in America and the exorbitant salaries that they earn, many kids want to be like their hero and that’s great news for all parents across Australia. Life makes many demands on us as parents and so it can be difficult knowing what motivates modern children.

The following are just some ideas about what really motivates your child to be more physically active.

  1. It’s about choosing the right activity – You definitely do not want to be picking an activity that will cause your child to get incredibly frustrated because they can’t play it or the rewards are not enough. The last thing that you want is for them to get bored as well and so this is why fast ball games like basketball and football are great activities for any child to be involved in. Team sports are incredibly good for teaching them life skills and allowing them to be more social.
  2. Providing opportunities to be more active – If you want your kid to be taking part physically in sport then it seems only fair that you provide them with the equipment that they need. It isn’t hard to be able to buy a basketball net that can be easily attached just above the garage door. This encourages them to actually play the game and you could also buy some goalposts and maybe they will stick a ball through them.
  3. Keep the focus on the kids – Just because you enjoy watching your children playing a particular sport, it doesn’t mean that it is one that they actually want to play. This is not about you, so make sure that you choose something that they will enjoy and will encourage them to take part.

There is absolutely no doubt that if you can come up with any kind of activity that children love to do then they will want to do it again and again. Anything that you choose should be able to improve their overall abilities and to help them accomplish something.


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