4 technologies that have shaped the gambling industry

Technology is a central part of most people’s lives and something that is important inhow we work, play and stay entertained in our spare time. While many industries have been positively affected by technology over the last few decades, the gambling sector is one thathas been shaped by it significantly.

But what are the four major technologies thathave mostaffectedgambling as an industry?

1.Online casino platforms

Although there are many specific technologies thathave shaped the gambling sector, internet-based online casino platformshave had a massive impact. While people might have visited physical casinos in the past, internet-based online casinos have now become the go-to choice.

This is something we are seeing on a global scale and in most countries where gambling is legal. Canada, for example, has a vibrant iGaming scene and this means finding a safe, fun Canadian online casino to game at is no problem. This is especially true if you use online casino comparison sites in Canada to help track down the best to signup with.

This shift towards playing casino games at internet casinos is also being seen in other places such as the US and the UK. Whether it is the software these casinos are built on, the way they use online connectivity to bring games to players virtually orthe live streaming tech used in live casino games, online casinos as a whole show just how gambling has been transformed by developing tech.

2.Mobile gaming tech

Alongside internet-based digital casino sites, mobile gaming technology has had perhaps THE most significant influence on how gamblinghas evolved. This is due to how the latest smartphones and tablets make it easy to gamble from wherever you are – and whenever you like. When you considerthat mobile gambling is set to be worth around $154bn by 2030, it is clear what a massive part of the whole gambling industry this niche is now.

But how has it shaped the sector and helped it grow? In terms of growth, mobile casino gaming online has helped the industry appeal to a wider audience and attract people who like playing games on mobile.

Mobile gaming is also great for killing time on a work break or when waiting for friends. This has also made it popular and seen the entire gambling sector generate extra revenue from more people playing casino games.

When it comes to shaping the gambling sector, mobile casino play has changed the way people interact with casino titles and also how developers think about them. Many studios now, for example, will develop games with mobile play in mind.

3,Artificial intelligence

Although AI might be something of a recent step forward within gambling, it is something thatis already having a transformative effect.

AI software has enabled gambling operators to collect useful data on player behavior and their preferences. They can then use this to offer a more personal experience to players and show them specific games or offers they will like best.

AI is also being used within gambling to enhance the level of customer support given to gamers online. Rather than having to wait until a customer service agent is free to answer a query, players are now able to get the help they need from AI-powered chatbots. This has seen customer support levels increase in iGaming in recent years and is often how casino brands engage with customers.

4.E-wallets and crypto

Although they are nothing new, e-wallets were a real breakthrough for the gambling sector when first made available as payment options online. Examples like PayPal or Skrill not only made it much easier to deposit or withdraw money at online casinos but also much safer.

Due to this, more people felt comfortable gambling online and this gave the whole sector a real boost in terms of revenue. Electronic payment technology also helped the reputation of iGaming improve and become something people viewed more positively.

An extension of this is the huge impact cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech are having on the sector. Blockchain networks that coins such asBitcoin are founded on are ultra-secure, whileusing crypto to game with results in lower fees andquicker transaction times.

The demand for gambling sites thatallow people to use crypto has seen more accept it as a payment option. As gambling with digital cash becomes ever more popular in future, expect the industry to leanfurther in this direction.

Technology has transformed gambling

As with many other parts of our lives, technology has had a huge effect on gambling. This has seen a variety of technologies change where we play, how we play, how we make gambling payments and how advances such asAI can be used within gambling. With other developments like VRwaiting to have their own influence, online gamblingmaylook a lot different again in the near future.


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