5 Decorative Lighting Hacks You Need to Know Now

Do you know that the lighting in your room can affect your mood? You might be aware of this fact, but you can feel happier with different types of lights. You can even transform your boring room into a chilling-out space with great lighting. However, most people with budget constraints do not install lights of their choice or the lights that can augment their space. It is not always about designer floor lamps in India; you can also attain decorative lighting with some easy tricks and a lesser budget.

If you are a little creative and wish to achieve something unique, then you can easily achieve decorative lighting without any cost. This editorial teaches about some hacks that help you attain decorative lighting, just like designer floor lamps in India. Keep reading the column and explore some interesting ways.

Light up white balloons 

This is the most cost-effective method of attaining decorative lighting. All you need is balloons, softs lights, and jugs. Use the jugs to cover the soft lights, and then put them inside the balloons. When you are choosing a balloon, you must have white shades, as they will offer you more illumination with reflection. You can then tie up these lights to your interior spaces and then attain a fixing so that it won’t move.

Coloured chained LEDs inside the jar

This is another best way, and you may also have seen these ideas in several restaurants and other places. You can take your used LEDs or buy new ones and then put them inside a glass jar, hang the glass jar, and the LEDs onto a stand or to a hook on your wall. This will act as a great ambience lighting.

Use pendant lighting as an alternative for chandeliers

If the chandelier is an expensive option for you, then you can choose the pendant lighting as an alternative; pendant lighting offers you the same look as the chandelier but is not as dramatic as the chandelier. Chandeliers are also tough to install, but the pendant lightings are not. You can easily find the best design with high-class and contemporary lighting fixtures.

Make your own tripod lamp

The floors and table lamps are in fashion now. You can see a maximized use of lamps in the interior of the houses these days. Although lamps are expensive to buy, you can also make your own. Use wood to create a tripod stand, and use the same with your antique lamps that have been in the storeroom. You can also make your own lamp head with fabrics and wood. Just add a colourful or white light to get the maximum illumination.

Use more than one colour in lighting

Rather than having only one colour in lighting, you can also use a different colour in lighting. Use the rainbow colour of the lighting to add the rainbow effect to your interior. You can also integrate those LEDs into the designer floor lamps in India to achieve a mix and match.


Keeping it precise, these are a few decorative lighting hacks that you can use. You can also try out more unique and creative options and come up with something new.

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