5 Major Construction Technology Trends To Watch In 2022

The construction industry is becoming more technical and complicated. There is an increasing demand for safety efficiency and reduced costs in construction. Construction companies are adopting technology to improve their processes and remain competitive.

The industry is leveraging technology to improve safety, quality, energy efficiency, and low carbon emission. In this context, let’s discuss the 5 major construction technology trends in 2022.

Construction Exoskeletons

Exoskeleton technology is gaining popularity in the construction industry due to its ability to boost efficiency and minimize injuries on construction sites. Construction exoskeletons are designed to redistribute body weight to enable construction workers to perform demanding activities.

Some exoskeletons can also be operated using electric power to perform heavy duties. The exoskeletons are designed to fit human bodies to help workers carry heavier loads than they would typically do.

The exoskeleton is one of the major construction technology trends of 2022. The technology is likely to be widely adopted in construction due to its potential to enhance safety on sites. The technology will also enhance efficiency by minimizing the number of workers required on construction sites.

Examples of exoskeletons used in the construction industry include back support exosuits, shoulder support exosuits, crouch support exosuits, and full-body construction exoskeletons. These exoskeletons are designed to make work easier for construction workers by enhancing strength and reducing fatigue.

Augmented Reality

This technology adds a layer of digital elements to enhance the view of the physical world using cameras on mobile devices. Augmented reality is one of the major construction technologies to watch in 2022 due to its massive potential to revolutionize the industry.

Augmented reality is gaining popularity in construction due to its wide range of applications such as design, collaboration, and safety.

The technology enables construction engineers to view all design elements in 3D. The teams can view the design of virtual buildings using augmented reality. The technology also offers the customers the opportunity to view the design of their buildings.

Augmented reality plays an essential role in enhancing construction site safety. The technology is used to simulate construction scenarios to identify risky areas to erect safety cones and train workers on safety.

Training workers will enhance safety in construction as it will enable them adhere to precautions such as safety cones erected in risky areas. Augmented reality will also help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities associated with accidents on construction sites in 2022.


Construction robots have found their way into the construction industry in 2022. The robots are perfectly performing tasks such as welding, painting, fitting windows, laying bricks, etc. Robotics is destined to have a considerable impact in construction, considering it relies on manual labor.

Robotics will reduce the need for manual labor and also speed up the process of construction. The robots will perform the majority of the manual labor at a faster rate, thereby shortening construction timelines. Robotics will also enhance the quality of buildings in 2022.

Robots are also used in demolition sites since they are cheaper and safer compared to humans.

Digital Twin Technology

Digital twin technology is one of the major construction technology trends to watch in 2022. This technology has created a massive impact on construction. The technology embraces the concept of creating a digital replica of an object or entity.

Construction companies are using digital twin technology to replicate the details of buildings, materials, apparatus, and processes involved in construction. The construction firms are using digital twin technology to analyze data and track systems to identify problems and fix them before they happen.

Contractors are using the technology to analyze the feasibility of materials for the construction of specific structures, such as high-rise buildings.

Construction engineers are using digital twin technology to develop prefabrication and structure of skyscrapers through simulation of the on-site assemblage of materials and produced parts. The simulations are helping contractors cut the cost and time of constructing buildings.

Green Technology

Green technology is one of the new trends in the construction industry due to the rising need for environmentally sustainable buildings. Sustainability is gaining popularity in construction as a result of the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Contractors are embracing green technology to construct environmentally-friendly buildings. The technology is helping construction companies use eco-friendly materials during the entire project lifecycle.

Green technologies such as smart and zero-energy construction are being developed and adopted to reduce waste, carbon emissions, and efficient energy usage.

Green technology will continue gaining popularity as the world aims for global net-zero carbon emissions. Green technology solutions are likely to replace the existing construction technology.

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