5 Patriotic Bunting Ideas to Show Your Patriotism This Fourth of July

Countless nations across the globe celebrate their independence every year.

In Mexico, nearly every town and city is filled with colorful lanterns and fireworks. But the real magic happens at the famed Zocalo plaza, where the President reenacts the country’s cry of independence.

Australia is known for its racing, from surfboards to sailboats. And in Norway, children take center stage, leading parades and enjoying celebrations in school.

But the USA is home to some of the most patriotic celebrations in the world on Independence Day. And there’s no better way to celebrate than with patriotic bunting.

The home is the heart of American celebration, as families and friends gather in backyards for BBQs as they either light off their own fireworks or wait for their local fireworks show to start.

But what are patriotic buntings, and what can you do with them to show your American pride? Read on below to find out.

1. Display Patriotic Bunting on Porch Railings

Bunting is technically any festive decorations made from fabric. When it comes to Independence Day celebrations, it’s anything with red, white, and blue to represent the American flag.

The most popular type of patriotic bunting decor is the traditional half-circle, pleated fan-shaped bunting. These can be used in many different ways to decorate a home, business, or public space for the Fourth of July.

One of the best ways to display them at the home is on porch railings. They are affixed to the railing at the top, and hang down, in front of your porch fencing.

Most homeowners will ling their entire porch with numerous buntings, which you can find at

2. Balconies or Decks

Do you have any raised areas on the home, such as a balcony or deck? Then hanging patriotic flag bunting from here is a great option as well.

The decor isn’t limited to ground level, so get those decorations flying high for all to see.

3. Under Windows

Many homes have window boxes on the exterior, capable of housing plants. These outdoor shelves are also the perfect place to display bunting patriotic flags.

Adding one under each window on the front of your home can make your entire street feel patriotic.

4. Across Bridges

Planning celebrations that extend beyond the home? Lining entire bridges in your city with patriotic bunting fabric is another great option.

Bunting is very cheap, so it doesn’t cost much to line dozens of bunting flags next to one another, especially if a parade will be going through.

5. Fireplace Mantel

Bunting isn’t limited to the outdoors. You can display it inside the home just as well.

One perfect spot is the fireplace. Hanging it underneath the mantel ensures that it acts as a centerpiece for your festive decor. Just make sure to remove it before lighting a fire, which you likely wouldn’t do in July anyway.

Easy Ways to Decorate

Most people who want to display their patriotism think they need to spend hundreds of dollars to install a flagpole outside their homes. While that’s a great idea, it isn’t necessary.

Patriotic bunting is cheap and it’s easy to install nearly anywhere. Plus, it isn’t permanent, so you can quickly remove it to decorate for other holidays and seasons.

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