Why Do You Need Dental Software Which Is 100% HIPAA Compliant?

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of data breaches within the healthcare industry every year. The health records are constantly under threat as criminals try to make false identities, illegally source medicine, or commit medical insurance fraud. As the number of attacks keep growing, it becomes more crucial for healthcare providers to keep their patient information safe. This is exactly where HIPAA comes into the picture.

This act, created in patient interest, regulates healthcare data flow by keeping it safe from theft, fraud, and data breaches. Now, the advantages for a patient are understandable. But as a dental professional, you might want to know what makes a HIPAA-compliant software important for you. Read on to know that!

What exactly is HIPAA and what makes it important?

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a US law that outlines the regulations to protect against any disclosure of sensitive patient health information. Following the rules set by this act is an absolute must when developing a dental web app system or any kind of software or app in the healthcare domain.

As such, whether a company is developing custom dental care software, making a hospital management system, building IT systems in the medical organizations, or providing any service for healthcare organizations, making sure their product is HIPAA-compliant is a must. Otherwise, the company stands to risk losing its reputation, millions of dollars, and even the entire business. Besides, no dental practice worth its salt will consider the software that is not completely HIPAA-compliant.

Why does your dental health institution need HIPAA- compliant software?

Your dental health institution needs a HIPAA-compliant software for more reasons than one. So, let’s discuss the top five reasons for it.

1. The assurance and trust

All healthcare practitioners who want to be reliable would make sure that the software they use is HIPAA-compliant. Think of it as a ‘seal of approval’ that stands for professionalism and makes patients feel completely safe while using digital solutions to record their personal medical information.

2. Boosting patient loyalty

The increased trust that comes from HIPAA compliance also gives an assured boost to patient loyalty. At the end of the day, your patients will not consider going to any other facility if they trust you. Given the ever-increasing options available nowadays, patient loyalty is not that easy to secure. Thus, underestimating the long-term value of it would be wrong.

3. Improved competitor differentiation

Standing out from the competitors is something that interests any dental practice that aims to raise its market share and help its patients at the same time. Therefore, the use of HIPAA-compliant dental software ensures that your clinic stands out from the wide array of dental care providers.

4. Streamline the administrative tasks

A HIPAA-compliant software helps organizations to streamline their administrative tasks and improve efficiencies through the standards that top dental health institutions follow. By sticking to the unified specifications, clinics can securely and easily share electronic health details with one another.

5. Avoiding financial penalties and liabilities

Lastly, remember that in case of non-compliance or data breach, your dental health organization might face heavy losses from fines. Now, the amount might vary depending on the degree of violation, but it usually lies in the range of $100 and $50,000 – a hefty amount for sure. Thus, any dental health clinic will think twice before going for any software that isn’t 100% HIPAA-compliant.

The final note

Thus, if you are not checking whether the software is completely HIPAA compliant, you’re risking more than you can imagine. So, make sure that this is the first feature you check in the software you choose for your clinic.


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