How to Find Your First Job After College

All students study hard and do their best to get top grades, pursuing the only goal. Most undergraduates want to get high-paying jobs after graduation. To overcome their competitors and become skilled specialists, they learn a lot of materials, do homework, and attend over-curriculum courses. Unfortunately, many students struggle to find a job after graduation because employees don’t want to invest their time and money into onboarding and upskilling new workers. Vice versa, they want to hire skilled experts who can start performing their job duties right away. If you’re one of the students who can hardly get a job because of the lack of actual working experience, look no further. Scroll down below and discover how to find your first job after college.

Visit a Career Center

A lot of students are unsure about their career goals right after graduation. Therefore, they can hardly target their resumes and narrow their job searches. If you also cannot define your goals, feel free to reach a career advisor. A specialist will help you make a self-journey to understand what you want to do and achieve your goal.

If you have clearly defined career goals, the first thing you need to do is visit a job center in your college. Ask for any job opportunities available for students. Advisors can help you develop a resume, look for student-friendly job opportunities, and share helpful tips on pursuing a job of your dream.

Start Networking

Unfortunately, it might be challenging to find a job after graduation without help, even if you didn’t order essay online while studying. If you don’t want to waste many months submitting applications, feel free to start networking. You have to make a lot of connections to get help with employment. According to recent research, roughly 85% of students landed their first job with the help of networking. Therefore, it is the most effective way to get hired.

Note, you shouldn’t reach people online and ask for help. To find your first job, you need to connect specialists online and ask them for advice. It’s a reliable way to connect with a person because you highlight the expertise of a person in a particular niche when asking for a recommendation. Also, don’t be shy about attending networking events, job fairs, and alumni gatherings to look for job opportunities.

Create Impressive Resume

Resumes of recently graduated students lack impressive working experience, as usual. Despite this fact, it’s vital to pay close attention to this document. A resume should present you as a skilled specialist who can tackle complicated tasks. To craft a top-notch CV, you have to pay close attention to your achievements while studying. Feel free to note any volunteer, internship, or even side-hustle working experience. Every detail can be a selling point for a potential employer. Also, you have to highlight your hard and soft skills.

Besides, it’s recommended to set up your LinkedIn account. It is a popular social media that is focused on business and job opportunities. Therefore, it might be a great place to find your first job. In addition, the platform offers the opportunity to network and pass tests to verify your skills in particular areas. Therefore, don’t hesitate to invest your time into gaining your LinkedIn profile. While studying, don’t be shy about creating an online portfolio to showcase your works if you have completed projects. You need to create a website and upload examples of works to do so.

Consider Internships

Unfortunately, the vast majority of students spend many months before landing their first jobs. To avoid spending a lot of time submitting applications and attending interviews, consider an internship. It will help you get hands-on working experience fast and reviews from employees. Since most internships are unpaid, you will likely be required to work hard for free. However, it will pay off in the form of relevant working experience, so employers will probably consider you as a better candidate. However, if you find a paid internship, you will master your skills and get paid. To not waste your time, it’s vital to choose an internship that will help you get niche-oriented hands-on skills.

Reach the Companies’ Recruiters

Recruiters explore resumes uploaded to job boards constantly. Unfortunately, they have a lot of tasks to tackle, so they cannot screen all new resumes that appear online. To avoid wasting a lot of time expecting an email from a recruiter, feel free to create a list of the top companies you want to work at. Next, gather the corporate email and contact details of their hiring managers. Finally, compose emails and get in touch with the companies. Note, all emails should be personalized. Otherwise, your message may be considered spam. Also, don’t forget to attach your resume and samples of your best works when pitching a company.


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