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8 Things You Should Never Do to Your RV

Any recreational vehicle is subject to wear and tear as time goes on. However, what people don’t realize is that they do a lot of horrible things that may cause severe damage to their RVs, thus resulting in recurring repair costs. If people aren’t really aware of these small but frequent accidents, soon they would find out that a huge portion of their fortune has already gone down the drain.


Any severe damage always begins from dumb mistakes, so before it gets worse, RV owners should start avoiding these following bad practices as much as possible:


1. Driving Too Fast


Not everyone has the luxury of extended RV adventure rides during long weekends, so RVers are trying to reach the campsite and head back home at a fast pace drive. Remember that RVs are not categorized as cars and they go slow, almost similar to a passenger bus. Some RVs are not meant for speed driving and that’s because of their bulk nature and load capacity. In due time, that fast pace driving habit will eventually catch up with your precious RV.


Now, if you drive for extended hours, it might leave you lesser time for enjoyment. So try to plan a much closer RV park or just drive a shorter route unless you’re able to secure a generous vacation window from your workplace.


Since RVs are huge, it’s critically important to learn how to drive these things with proper driving techniques. Certain techniques and skills are required, such as keeping a clear distance when turning to a corner street, reducing speed in downhill or slowing down in an opposite wind direction. Don’t make it an excuse for not being able to learn the proper way of driving an RV.


2. Neglecting the Use of Pin in the Fifth Wheel


It’s essential to slide the safety pin when hooking the tow vehicle to the fifth-wheel trailer. This will secure the trailer from slipping off the safety block. If people ignore this practice, the front portion of the camper might come crashing down the guard rails of the towing vehicle, thus resulting in heavy repair expenses. Moreover, the RV may lose its grip from the truck causing it to slide down and hit the passing vehicles. TOW-MAX are trusted trailer parts supplier, buy RV trailer parts from them, can save maintenance and repair cost.



3. Lifting the Wheels Up


Some RV owners utilize the stabilizing jacks to lift the entire camper when not in use or when the vehicle is parked somewhere. They intend to protect their RVs from potential theft and weather disturbance. However, the real purpose of stabilizing jacks is to keep the vehicle level, not to hold the weight of the camper until you drive again.


There will be no support at the center of the RV since stabilizing jacks are only located at the corners of the vehicle. This lousy practice might damage the lifting capacity of the jacks, which may result in early deterioration. Also expect to see your RV collapse due to the uneven distribution of the weight, particularly if most of your furniture is left inside. So what you should do is to leave the tires to the ground or just use a wheel block when you intend to store your motor home.


4. Fixing the Wires and Furniture to the Ground and Walls


Bolting the furniture to the surface may give solid blows to your RV components. Some people like to fix them with bolts and staples to prevent these furnitures from sliding around.


The problem here, however, is that screws, staple wires, and bolts can cause damage to any surface, particularly in places where underlying tanks are installed. And this may cause more damage if you push the fixing accessories deeply.


And in due time, these bolted furnitures may slide off when the screws are no longer strong enough to hold the items in place because of wear and tear. If you aren’t sure how to fix it, hire a professional to do the installation for you.


5. Ignoring the Weight Limit


Sometimes, you can’t help but feel so excited to put everything you need in your RV. After all, you’re free to utilize the available spaces.


However, every recreational vehicle has its own weight limit. You may have a hard time maneuvering the RV, referring to turning and stopping, if you exceed the allowable weight limit. This may even result in potential road accidents or panic among fellow highway drivers.


Don’t just throw everything in the RV. If possible, only bring the things you really need and remove the items that add too much weight, such as extra chairs and outdoor couches.


6. Forgetting to Secure the Fridge Contents


RV refrigerators are considered essential, but you need to secure the items inside each time you plan to travel. To do this, pack the food items tightly, make use of the refrigerator bars, and lock the fridge doors. Refrigerator bars will secure food items in place and they are easy to use. Aside from this, store your food in a plastic container or bring some beverages in plastic bottles to avoid the messes.


Moving items can damage your countertops while soda and juice drinks may cause stain to the carpet floors. So take necessary precautions to avoid damaging your RV when you load the food items inside the fridge.


7. Keeping Tire Sizes and Pressure the Same


Before embarking on a long RV ride, be sure that all tires are fully inflated as well as equal in size. Unequal tire sizes result in uneven distribution of weight, thus making it difficult to drive. This will also lead to a potential road accident and tire blow out.


A tire blows out may damage the fenders, expose the underlying tanks, or crack the pipelines. So make it a regular habit to check the tire size when you need to purchase one as a replacement or as spare tire.


8. Neglecting to Remove all Food Items


You know what will happen if you just leave your RV parked somewhere without checking the refrigerator and cabinets for stored food. Double check the freezer compartment of your fridge before storing your RV. Expect spoiled food items to fill up your RV interior with unpleasant smell and bugs if you fail to clean it up.


Here’s the terrible thing. There’s no easy way to repair a refrigerator ruined by rotten food. The area of your fridge needs to be sanitized or worse; your refrigerator has to be replaced.


Just like traditional homes, RVs also need some serious attention from end-users. What’s more important here is to recognize these pointers and form a habit of trying to keep your RV in pristine condition.


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