Roofing Construction Stuff Mistakes To Avoid

The roof is one of the most important parts of any home. That’s why it should be done with a high level of precision. Simple errors and mistakes can mess up your home. The following are key mistakes you should avoid making when designing a roof.

Roof Flashing

Make sure that the roof doesn’t leak. Roof leaks can be extremely dangerous and costly. If your roof leaks, then make it a point to check your roof flashing. Most roof leaks occur due to deteriorating roof flashings.

Essentially, the metal roof flashing is designed to protect roof edges, chimneys, dormers, valleys, and junctions. Moreover, roof flashings protect the intersections existent between roof Planes and skylights. Improperly installed or deteriorating flashing can cause open seams to blow off. Plus, it can significantly reduce your roof’s puncture resistance.

Poor Roof Installation

Check the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help you understand how to install the roof correctly. You might be a roofing expert but it’s always important to go through the manufacturer’s installation guidelines in order to avoid making costly mistakes. You’ll also want to make sure that the manufacturer offers a long-term warranty on their roofing materials. Use the right roofing company. Rowley Roofing and Construction has years of experience in constructing high-end roofs. 

Incorrect Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is also very important. Lack of proper ventilation can land you in big trouble. It can negatively impact your energy bills, as well as, your roof’s lifespan. So, make sure that your roof is well-ventilated.

Poor Roof Drainage

Make sure that your roof’s drainage system is properly installed. When it comes to roofing, drainage plays a significant role. It helps in removing excess water and debris. Even more, it helps in minimizing groundwater accumulation.

Poor drainage can result in wet basements, weak foundations, and mold growth. Roof drainage systems, such as your scuppers and gutters should be completely free of accumulated debris.

Poorly Designed Roofing Drip Edge

Essentially, roof drip edges are designed to prevent water from building up. They guide water out of your home through eaves and gutters. When properly installed, the shingles and drip edges will provide your home with an unmatched level of protection against adverse weather.

Nor Applying Roof Coating

Apply the right coating. With high-quality coating, you can rest assured that your roof will last longer. However, it’s important to do extensive research in order to avoid unnecessary exposure to hazardous chemicals and UV rays. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of different coatings before making your final purchase.

Nail Usage

Utilize your nails correctly. Use the right quantity in the right location. Make sure that the shingles are securely locked into place. Correct nailing directly affects the performance of your roof shingles. You should always avoid overdrive, as well as, improperly located nails. They’re some of the most common nailing defects.

Most people use pneumatic nails guns and when the pressure is extremely high, the nails might get driven too far. And when they’re overdriven the nails will punch through the shingle mat, creating a loophole for potential leaks.

The Bottom-Line

Roof construction is a delicate process, often requiring experience, precision, and time. When done right, a good roof will make your home look executive. However, simple mistakes can make your home dull. Avoid making the above mistakes when constructing your roof. 

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