5 Reasons to Use WordPress in 2022

Whether you are building a brand new website from scratch or you are thinking about moving your website to a new platform, WordPress remains one of the most powerful website builders on the market.

In fact, it is used by a whopping 455 million sites worldwide and is downloaded over 2 million times each year.

So, what’s so great about WordPress, and why should you use it for your business?

Keep reading to find out!

1. WordPress is free

If you are setting up a new business, you probably have a very strict budget. Therefore, you will be happy to hear that WordPress software is free.

It is free to download, free to install, and free to use.

That being said, while the software itself is free, you will need a WordPress hosting platform and a domain name first.

2. WordPress is easy to use

For beginners building a website, WordPress is ideal as it is so simple to use. Once installed, it comes with a user-friendly dashboard so that you can easily create pages, customize yourdesign and add navigational menus.

WordPress also offers round-the-clock support, so if you do encounter any problems, there is always someone standing by to help.

3. WordPress is customizable

WordPress offers thousands of free website templates for you to choose from, each of which can be customized to suit your brand. This can be hugely helpful for people who have not built a website before and don’t know where to start.

You can change the colors, the background, the font, upload your company logo, and so much more, all at the click of a button.

4. WordPress is SEO-friendly

SEO, search engine optimization, is an essential part of website design as it is what helps people find your website online. If you are new to SEO, this can be an extremely daunting task.

However, by selecting WordPress as your platform of choice, your site will already be built with SEO in mind. In fact, WordPress sites statistically rank higher than others in search engines, so you are already one step ahead of the game.

5. WordPress is safe

When it comes to keeping your business and your customers safe online, you need to website that you can rely on. WordPress is designed with security in mind and, as long as you follow good safety practices such as only using safe plug-ins and maintaining responsible log-in procedures, your data should be protected.

Top tips for using WordPress

  • Upgrade to a premium WordPress theme
  • Invest in a high-quality web hosting platform
  • Don’t overdo it with plug-ins
  • Update your themes regularly
  • Use SEO-friendly links
  • Optimize your images
  • Back up all your content
  • Avoid using too many post tags
  • Carry out extensive keyword research for creating content

And there you have it. Five reasons why you should choose WordPress to build your website. Plus, our top tips for getting the most out of this website builder platform.

Now all that’s left to do is start building your website. Good luck!


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