7 Learning Tools Proven to Help Dyslexic Students

When studying in school or college, every student faces various challenges and learns by overcoming them. But while learning is uneasy for everyone, it tends to be even more difficult and stressful for students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia.

Dyslexic students often have a hard time keeping up with their peers. They find traditional assignments incredibly hard and stressful, which often gets in the way of their success.

In this article, an expert in special education and a professional writer from DoMyEssay, a top essay writing service for students, will talk about the key educational tools that make studying simpler for students with dyslexia. Let’s dive in!

1. Essay Writing Services

Dyslexic students can benefit from professional academic help services a lot. First of all, such services can take some load off these students’ shoulders and thus, help them get high grades with ease and, at the same time, give them more time for learning and honing their own skills. But that’s not all.

Professional essay writing services also offer proofreading and editing help. Such services can help dyslexic students identify the errors in their own papers and learn from them. Thus, every dyslexic student should have a reliable academic assistant to go to. For example, you can check out the DoMyEssay and WritePaper reviews to see if these services can suit your needs.

2. Flashcard Apps

Numerous studies confirm that flashcards can be a powerful learning tool for students with dyslexia. And digital flashcard apps are even more powerful because you can use them anytime and anywhere.

According to experts, with the help of flashcard apps, dyslexic students can significantly expand their vocabulary with less effort. At the same time, such apps are proven to improve their phonics and reading skills and also memory. Therefore, it is another great tool for you to try.

3. Spellers and Dictionaries

Students who have dyslexia often find it hard to comprehend long and complex words. It is mostly due to the issues with their phonics skills. However, there are some tools that can help with it.

There are plenty of high-quality spellers and dictionaries that dyslexic students can use online or download as apps. Such tools can help them break down the most complex words and hear their phonetic spelling. As a result, using such tools, dyslexic students can significantly boost their comprehension and phonics skills.

4. Voice Recognition Software

Writing assignments can turn into a real challenge for a student with dyslexia. They often find it rather hard to type and spell words correctly. That’s why different writing assignments are the worst for them. But there are tools to make it a little easier on them.

Voice recognition software has been around for a while, and it only gets better with time. Today, you can easily use it to type down ideas from your speech. Dyslexic students can greatly benefit from such tools. With their help, you can write papers by simply dictating your thoughts to a computer, which can significantly reduce the stress from writing.

5. Virtual Readers

Apart from writing, many dyslexic students also struggle with reading. Being unable to spell complex words correctly or feeling confused when reading something that is hard to comprehend, such students often feel additional stress. That’s where virtual readers come in handy.

Such tools are designed to transform pretty much any text into an audio format. With their help, dyslexic students can easily process web articles, their own papers, and other pieces without so much effort and stress.

6. Audiobooks

Another great learning tool that can benefit students with learning disabilities is audiobooks. Each of us faces the need to read some literature for our classes in school and college. Sometimes, the books assigned to you will be short and easy to understand. But sometimes, it can get rather hard with such complex pieces as, let’s say, Shakespeare’s plays. And that’s where audiobooks can save you!

Studies show that dyslexic students can grasp ideas better when listening to an audiobook rather than reading it themselves. The thing is that, when reading a book, students with dyslexia tend to focus too much on decoding every individual word on the page. As a result, they often miss the core ideas of what they are reading. But when listening to an audiobook, they can focus on the meaning.

7. Online Quizzes

Web-based quizzes or apps that provide them can also come in handy. Similar to flashcards, quizzes are proven to be more effective for students with learning disabilities than traditional methods of memorizing information.

By leveraging quizzes during your study sessions, you can process and retain the studied material much better than if you’d just read it. So, different quiz-related tools should definitely be present in every dyslexic student’s toolkit.

The Bottom Line

So, these are the top seven learning tools that can help dyslexic students study more easily and perform well academically. Each of these tools deserves to be on every dyslexic student’s toolkit to help them set up for success.

So, if you have dyslexia yourself, don’t hesitate to try the tools. They will make a real difference in your academic performance!


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