10 Tips for Getting Good (or Better) Grades in Class 11 chemistry

Now that you are finished with your Class 10 board exams, the next two years are crucial for you as a student. It is important for you to score well in these two years as it will help you determine your future. In the science stream, Class 11 Chemistry is an important subject if you want to get good marks and a good rank in competitive exams.

Similar to your previous years, for your class 11 subjects you will need to use NCERT textbooks. There are many online portals from where you can download NCERT Class 11 Chemistry pdf. This will definitely help you do well throughout your school years. You will also be able to score well and give your best with the help of NCERT books. 

Apart from this, here are 10 tips for getting good grades and improving your grades for class 11 chemistry: 

1. Know the basics

Your NCERT Chemistry textbook for class 11 has around 14 chapters. Each chapter has important concepts and topics which are further explained in your class 12 chemistry. Therefore, it is important for you to know your basics for class 11 chemistry. 

The subject chemistry is divided into three categories namely Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Inorganic Chemistry. You must be thorough with all the basic concepts to understand your subject better.

2. Read the chapters before the lecture

Once you are familiar with all the basics you must read an introduction to the chapter that you will learn in class. You can read the material at your own pace. This will ensure that you are able to understand the concepts easier and faster.

3. Ask questions

You should constantly ask questions about the chapter and section material. If you are shy to ask questions in class, write down your questions in a notebook and ask them to your teacher after class. Asking a lot of questions will clear your doubts and will help you get a better understanding of the concepts. 

4. Pay attention to lab sessions

For class 11 Chemistry, your practical lab sessions are very important. This will help you get a good final grade as it is very scoring. Doing practical sessions will help you understand the subject concepts better and you will be able to write the examinations properly. 

5. Focus on theory and numerical problems

While preparing for your class 11 chemistry exams, many of you might make the mistake of paying attention only to the numericals. You may think that you can score more marks by doing only numerical problems. However, you need to know that even the theory concepts in this subject are equally important. Therefore, you should start to focus on both numerical and theoretical concepts. You should know all the definitions, important topics, and explanations that are available in your NCERT textbook. During your exam, there will be questions asked from both areas. Hence, once you’re clear with these, you will be able to score good grades in class 11 chemistry.

6. Create a timetable

In general, class 11 can seem difficult for many of you. It is a very important year that will help to determine your future. Therefore, with the help of proper time management and focus, you will be able to excel in chemistry. You need to start by preparing a timetable and allocate enough time for all the chapters you need to study. If you continue to follow this timetable for months, you will be able to easily score good marks in the subject. While creating your timetable, you should make sure that you add short breaks during every study session. You should always start studying with a fresh mind so that you are able to retain more information.

7. Make notes

You will be able to retain more information when you make notes. Chemistry as a subject requires you to memorize a lot of equations, formulas, and reactions. Therefore, if you make notes and write these concepts you will be able to remember better. This will also help you practice the subject matter. Apart from this, making extensive notes will also help you during your revision time right before your final examination.

8. Practice Previous Years’ Question papers

One of the important ways for you to get a good score in Class 11 Chemistry is to keep practicing question papers. One of the best ways to do this is by using all previous years’ question papers as well as sample question papers. This will help you understand the type of questions that you can expect in your examinations. Apart from this, you will be able to identify your weak and strong areas in the syllabus. Solving these question banks will boost your confidence. It will also give you an idea of how much you need to study and what topics you need to pay more attention to.

9. Practice 

For class 11 Chemistry, it is important for you to practice all the flowcharts and diagrams regularly. This will help you remember them and assure you that you will not make any mistakes in the flowcharts and diagrams during the examinations. This can be an easy way for you to score good marks and help you improve your grades in Class 11 Chemistry. Apart from this, you should also regularly practice all the numerical problems and equations. There are many exercises and activities available inside all the chapters of class 11 chemistry. You must go through those questions and practice them regularly.

10. Important concepts and questions

You should pay attention to all the important concepts and topics in Class 11 Chemistry. Depending on the weightage of the chapters, you will be able to figure out which chapters to pay more attention to. However, you must give your hundred percent to Organic Chemistry. With the help of NCERT books, you will be able to figure out what topics you need to concentrate on.

Although class 11 chemistry can seem a little daunting, you should not give up. Your hard work will always pay off. Therefore, trust your study process and you will be able to ace your Class 11 Chemistry subject.

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