Online Coding Camp is This Summer’s Hottest Activity

When people think of traditional summer activities for kids, computer programming may not immediately come to mind. Typically, parents try to get their children outdoors, exploring the world around them to satiate their curiosity and help them learn.

Today, computer programming and video games are their own type of worlds that teach kids and help them have fun. It would be wrong to say games are just child’s play that has nothing to do with real life — the multi-billion-dollar video game industry could overtake the music and film industry in terms of value.

Before signing up your child for summer coding classes, let’s check out what the best programs offer.

Learn to Create a Video Game

Children love games, especially video games. When they discover that the only thing more addictive and fun than playing games is creating them, that’s when they’ll really get hooked on coding.

The best summer coding programs revolve around teaching children how to design and code their own custom video games. Even beginners will learn how to create a video game they can play with friends and family.

Such a compelling goal helps motivate kids to learn and complete the task. Plus, the classes have gamification concepts built into them, so what hooks kids on playing games drives learning instead.

Languages Professional Coders Use

Children need to have fun during summer, but the best online summer coding courses prioritize pleasure while teaching the coding languages pros use everyday in the field. While there’s something to be said for general computer skills or learning beginner drag-and-drop programs like Scratch, even kids as young as seven can learn real coding languages.

Don’t sign up for a program unless it teaches powerful, popular coding languages, such as:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

Children have fun learning STEM skills and even foundational math concepts, like vectors, integers, and even trigonometry. They also learn the coding languages future employers will seek Learning Python coding can benefit children because of its easy-to-use syntax and beginner-friendly operation.

Small Groups

Kids don’t want to spend their summer struggling to get their teacher’s attention, and teachers can’t work effectively in a crowded environment. The best online summer coding programs cap class sizes at four, so each student gets the level of focus and support they need.

Elite private schools advertise offering small class sizes because they know it’s one of the best predictors of student success. It’s even better if the summer coding camp’s instructors skew on the young side.

Younger teachers also grew up playing video games at home, and their infectious passion for gaming gets passed down to students. They can also answer practical questions that older students may have about what jobs are open to people with advanced coding skills.

Some of the leading coding camps produce students who end up developing video games for companies like Blizzard or Microsoft. Some students become teachers as the coding cycle completes a revolution.

Kids will run around with their friends and have a blast outdoors. Exploring the world of video games and coding is a different type of fun adventure that kids love. Before signing up your child for an online coding camp this summer, ensure the program offers everything described above.


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