How A Growth Mindset Can Benefit Students

Educators agree that a Growth Mindset can provide many benefits to students. This highly regarded psychological theory is based on the belief that anyone can improve their intelligence and abilities. It is the opposite of a Fixed Mindset where one believes that one’s intelligence cannot change. There is much debate and research in this area of developmental psychology. To get a perspective, it is important to explore the many benefits that a growth mindset can provide. Visit The King’s College for more information.

How Does A Student Benefit From A Growth Mindset?

Stress Reduction

Students go through stressful periods in their academic lives as they navigate through exams, applications to universities, and interpersonal issues with their peers at school. A growth mindset can help them deal with this stress. This mindset can be developed at an early age by reading inspirational stories, for instance. An example of a website with such stories is The Doe.

There is scientific proof that students who have a growth mindset release less cortisol, the hormone that controls stress.

Why is this? A growth mindset helps students face difficult situations with more calmness. They can bounce back from failures. They are resilient and see their setbacks as a chance to learn rather than a permanent obstacle to their success. They do not dwell on the negative but believe that something positive will come out of it. This way of thinking enables them to prevent stress from overpowering them. Students are under tremendous pressure during exams and evaluation for university admission. Even if the outcome is not as favorable as one had hoped, the student can use this experience to improve and move on to the next opportunity. When the student is able to remain calm through adversity, it benefits his overall wellbeing. It makes him stronger and even more resilient as he moves forward.

Better Management Of Changes

This resilience also helps students handle changes in their lives with a positive attitude. Students experience many changes throughout their academic years. From moving up to the next grade level to facing new subjects, new instructors, and new peer groups, changes are abundant. Students who possess a growth mindset have the confidence that they can cope with change. They view changes as a challenge to learn new ideas from which they can further improve and grow. If students are not able to handle change effectively because they fear they are not ready for it, they will end up struggling. With a growth mindset, a student feels he is always ready to face new challenges.

Promotes Self-Regulation

The mindset of a person impacts how he feels, thinks, and behaves. It affects his self-regulation.

Many studies have shown that when people develop a growth mindset, they can improve the way they self-regulate. Self-regulation and a growth mindset are tightly connected, and they go hand-in-hand. Both concepts present the belief that in order to attain goals, one must concentrate on personal growth and persistence. If a student embraces a growth mindset, he gains better self-regulation.

Boosts Self-Esteem

In academics and in the real world, those with healthy self-esteem will succeed in whatever they do. 

Research shows that students who possess a growth mindset also have a healthy level of self-esteem. They believe in themselves even if their academic performance experiences ups and downs. That is because they don’t identify themselves with their achievements. They focus more on their personal efforts rather than the results. This allows them to bounce back if the results are not favorable. They maintain their level of confidence as they learn from their errors, evaluate what could be done better, and push forward with the new knowledge and experience that they have gained. This self-esteem is important in keeping the student confident and determined to reach his ultimate goal.

Improves Study Habits

There are many approaches to studying. Some methods produce better results than others. One key element to good study habits is motivation. According to a study, students who have a growth mindset have high motivation to study smarter. Because students do not all learn the same way, study techniques that work for one student may not work for another student. If a student with a growth mindset feels that one study method is not effective for him, he will explore other approaches that work better. 

In Conclusion

There is a lot of evidence supporting the belief that a growth mindset provides many benefits. It boosts the students’ self-esteem. It helps students cope with stress. It makes them more resilient so they won’t feel defeated and can treat mistakes as learning opportunities. It helps them be resourceful in seeking more efficient ways to study. This area of psychological research is indeed exciting as experts continue to explore how a growth mindset can unleash the full potential of a student.  


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